Vietnam Evisa – A New Method To Get Vietnam Visa For Citizens From 40 Countries

Vietnam Visa Guide - Vietnam Evisa – A New Method To Get Vietnam Visa For Citizens From 40 Countries

Vietnam evisa background

In an attempt to enhance and reinforce the tourism sector in the economy, Vietnam Government has worked and finally decided to release a new online visa system called Vietnam eVisa.

From early February 2017, the Vietnam Government announced evisa for citizens of 40 countries to apply and use Vietnam e-visa for a maximum 30-day trip. This new type of visa promises to bring out even more conveniences for foreign visitors traveling to Vietnam.

Together with Vietnam visa on arrival, this two pilot program is officially issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department via the internet and doesn't require applicants to conduct any personal procedure at the visa office.

Traditionally, you have to visit the Vietnam Embassy and complete face-to-face procedures there to request a Vietnam visa. This is easier with Vietnam VOA when you just need 2 days for online transactions, and then present the Immigration staff your approval letter, necessary documents, and pay the fee for a visa stamp on your passport at the arrival airport. However, a disadvantage coming with VOA is the long line of travelers waiting for a visa stamp at the Vietnam airport. Tourists experiencing a long flight might not prefer this method for their journey.

Now with Vietnam e visa, you can reduce a stage of the visa-getting process when all procedures from register to receive Vietnam visa are completed online within 3 days at home. Unlike VOA Vietnam, you can apply and receive your visa with an Internet connection and an electronic device.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Vietnam Evisa – A New Method To Get Vietnam Visa For Citizens From 40 Countries

​How does Vietnam e visa work?

The entire process of getting an e-visa Vietnam is implemented on the Internet. To make a Vietnam e visa application, you need to complete an online form with your personal information. According to the Vietnam visa requirements announced by the Immigration Department, you need to have an original passport with the validity of at least 6 months from the date you start to travel and 2 current passport-sized photos. To finish the submission, you have to make a payment for the service. After 3 days, if the application is accepted, you will receive an official visa via your email. You just need to print it out and present it to the Immigration officer at the arrival airport and start your journey.

Additional facts of evisa Vietnam

Currently, there are two main types of visa supported by e visa. They are tourist visa and business visa. 

You don't need to wait for a Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter and show it to the Immigration officer at the airport as the way you have to do with visa on arrival. Instead of getting a stamp on the passport, evisa for Vietnam provides you with a sticker on your passport.

The Vietnam visa price now is around $25, but please check the price in advance because it can be different in each country and travel agency.

Vietnam e-visa online permits both applicants and travel companies to make an application. Therefore, you could hire a third party to complete the e-visa process on your behalf for urgent cases.

Please keep in mind that evisa to Vietnam is used only for a single entry and cannot be extended, people who need a long stay for their business purposes could choose other methods for obtaining a Vietnam visa.

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