Things To Know About Vietnam On Arrival Visa And Vietnam VOA Letter

What is Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA)?

In the past, foreigners only had one way to obtain Vietnam visa which is applying at the Vietnam Embassy in their country. Luckily, thanks to the open policy to enhance tourism of Vietnam government, now visitors find it more convenient to get a visa on arrival.

So far, there are two ways for foreigners to obtain Vietnam visa including applying directly at the Vietnam Embassy or getting visa on arrival (at the Vietnam international airports). Each way has its own advantages, procedures, and suitable applicants. If travelers want to stay away from several complicated procedures at the Embassy, Vietnam visa on arrival seems to be the simpler method to get a visa to Vietnam. Visa on arrival in Vietnam is ideal for:

  • Visitors enter Vietnam by airway.
  • There is no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate nearing the place, or the nation travelers live.
  • Those who do not want to waste time and money for complicated visa procedures at the Vietnam Embassy.
  • By following some simple steps in Vietnam visa on arrival procedure, applicants will be able to get a visa to Vietnam easily:

    First, you can visit the Vietnam visa official website at - a government-registered company to learn some useful requirements and how to apply for Vietnam visa. 

    Second, complete the application form online and then you will receive a copy of approval letter granted by Vietnam Immigration Department after fulfilling the requirements and making a payment. It takes about 2 days for normal service and 1 day for urgent service to receive this letter.

    Lastly, applicants need to print the approval letter, provide 2 personal photos (4x6cm), and pay the stamping fee in cash to the Immigration Department to get Vietnam visa stamped at the Vietnam international airport. Please take note that Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable for visitors coming to Vietnam by air only.

    Approval letter – An essential document to obtain visa for Vietnam

    Vietnam visa​ approval letter is an official legit document issued to foreigners by the Vietnam Immigration Department. It demonstrates that visitors have been approved by the Immigration to pick up visa on arrival ​ at the arrival airport. Generally, it is granted for those who apply for visa on arrival in Vietnam. The visa will be stamped on visitors’ passport as they pass through the Immigration checkpoint.

    Approval letter is used for VOA Vietnam and its validity is 1 month for single entry or 3 months for multiple entries. Please note that visa on arrival can be extended for a period of 1 month or 3 months after its expiration. The extended time will depend on how much time they want to stay in Vietnam.

    In case you want to extend the remaining time in Vietnam, you can apply for visa extension. Generally, visa for Vietnam can be extended from 1 to 3 months. For those who have Vietnam work permit or their family members are in Vietnam, the duration of single or multiple visa extension can be from 1 to 12 months.

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