Requirements And Notes Of Visa Vietnam Online

Established on approval of the Vietnam government and Immigration Department, Greenvisa offers best services to assist foreigners in getting visa on arrival – an easy and convenient method to obtain a visa Vietnam online.

Vietnam visa guide - Requirements of Vietnam On Arrival Visa and Vietnam Visa Exemption for EU Citizens

What is visa Vietnam online?

Visa Vietnam online is basically a way of getting an approval letter through a travel company to check in at the departure airport and get the visa stamp at the arrival airport.

Unlike the current method of applying for visa at the embassy, this new type of visa permits travelers to register and submit application at home and only obtain the visa when landing in the arrival airport.

Detailed requirements for visa online Vietnam applicants

Visa online Vietnam is applied only for travelers coming to Vietnam by airplane and then you will get visa stamped once you arrive in one of the four international airports in Vietnam. For visitors wishing to own a Vietnam visa before arrival or entering Vietnam by land or sea, please apply for a visa at the nearest Vietnamese Embassy in your country. Kindly remember that the Vietnamese Embassy in a third country also accepts visa request from other nations’ citizens.

For more information relating to Vietnam visa on arrival information, tips and tricks, VOA Vietnam visa would be some help for you.

Two primary types of Vietnam visa on arrival are business visa and tourist visa. Vietnam has just allowed 163 countries to apply for Vietnam tourist visa on arrival. The maximum duration of stay for a business visa is 12 months, and the maximum duration of stay for a tourist visa for Vietnam is 3 months. The effectiveness of visa upon arrival begins from the travel date on the application form, so you need to keep in mind that it is not the date of making the application. Therefore, visitors are recommended to sign up for visa on arrival in advance to prevent any unwanted problem that could occurs to your Vietnam travel visa.

There are some visa requirements for Vietnam which travelers need to take note during the visa process.

  • The original passport must have the validity which is longer or at least equal to six months.
  • There are at least two blank pages in your passport because on arrival visa for Vietnam is full page stickers.
  • Two 2×2 inches photos taken within 6 months are required.
  • The online application must be filled in exactly as what shown on your passport including full name, passport number, passport expiration date, etc.
  • Several things you should take note before applying online visa for Vietnam

  • VOA is applicable for those who are coming to Vietnam by airway only.
  • The validity of their original passport must be at least six months.
  • The passport needs to have at least two blank pages. In case your passport does not have enough empty page, you should apply for a loose-leaf-visa.
  • The photos attached have to be taken within six months from the date of travel.
  • Kindly check the travel date because the visa only has its validity when it is counted from the date of travel, not the making application date.
  • If there is any inaccurate information, the approval letter will be invalid and may get you cancel your trip. As a result, the Vietnam Immigration officer at the airport will not allow you to enter Vietnam.
  • Even though visa on arrival just takes a few days to process the application; it is recommended that you should apply for Vietnam visa at least one month before the travel date.
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