Definition Of Vietnam On Arrival Visa And How To Get It

Vietnam Visa Guide -  Definition Of Vietnam Visa On Arrival And How To Get It

A legitimate visa Vietnam

Vietnam on arrival visa (VOA Vietnam) is an alternate option to simply take a visa for Vietnam if you do not have enough time to apply for a visa via the old method which is more complicated - visa at Vietnam Embassy. You have to complete a visa application form on the Internet to get the Vietnam approval letter - an official letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department which allows you not only to enter the airplane but also to obtain the Vietnam visa stamp at the arrival airport. Utilizing the visa on arrival Vietnam, you can gain a lot of benefits such as: 

  • You do not need to make face-to-face appointments at visa offices for processing necessary procedures.
  • Significant transactions like submission and service payment are completed online, so you do not have to worry about losing important documents through sending by mail or post.
  • The visa validity varies in many types with a maximum length of stay up to 1 year.
  • Busy travelers can benefit from the short processing time when it only takes 2 working days or even 4 hours for super urgent cases.
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    How does Vietnam on arrival visa work?

    In order to get Vietnam visa stamped, you need to find a reliable agency such as Greenvisa to get the visa on arrival Vietnam approval letter first. Then, once arriving at 1 of 4 international airports in Vietnam (including Noi Bai, Danang, Cam Ranh, and Tan Son Nhat airport), you will need to present your passport, an entry and exit form, 2 photos, and stamping fee for Vietnam Immigration staff. Finally, you have to come to the visa on arrival counter and get your visa stamp.

    Travelers who do not know anything about visa fees and want to get more details about Vietnam visa stamping fee, please visit Vietnam visa cost.

    On closer inspection, the considerable distinction between getting visa at the Embassy of Vietnam and visa on arrival Vietnam can give a far different picture. Once applying for Vietnam tourist visa on arrival, the Immigration authorities will give you the letter of approval, and you will get the visa stamp on your passport at the Vietnam international airports. In contrast, applying visa at the Vietnam Embassy, you will have your visa stamped on your passport as soon as the embassy gives back your passport.

    Due to great benefits of Vietnam on arrival visa, the Vietnam Immigration Department has recently received a large number of VOA applications. In addition, a lot of travel companies including Greenvisa are established to help travelers to apply and obtain VOA Vietnamese easily.

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