How To Check Vietnam Visa Requirements For Foreigners And Vietnamese Overseas

Due to the fact that Vietnamese Government regulations on Vietnam visa might change at some point, you are recommended to confirm the information relating to Vietnam visa requirements carefully before applying for a visa to Vietnam. For instance, currently residents from your nation must have a visa to enter the Vietnam, but for the next few years, your nation and Vietnam may sign visa exemption agreements which enable you to come into Vietnam without the need to have a visa, and this works the other way round. Therefore, checking visa requirement to Vietnam is very significant before you make a trip to this country.

Vietnam Visa Guide - How To Check Vietnam Visa Requirements For Foreigners And Vietnamese Overseas

In order to support you to know more information about the requirements of Vietnam visa, we are here to help you with this.

How to check visa requirement to Vietnam for foreigners

Foreign citizens whose countries are not in the Vietnam visa exemption list will have to check whether or not they are required to get a Vietnam visa by clicking here. Inside this page, all nations are mentioned in the alphabet's order. You can simply click on your country to see the details as well as instructions on whether residents from your nation need to have a Vietnam visa. Besides, you will be able to find the smoothest and quickest method to get a visa to Vietnam from your country.

Vietnam visa requirement for Vietnamese overseas

Many Vietnamese in other countries assume that they don't need to get a visa for Vietnam; however, this doesn’t right in some circumstances. The truth is that only those Vietnamese in foreign country who can show a proof of their origin are exempted from Vietnam visa. In contrast, if you could not confirm this, you still have to acquire a Vietnam visa to stay in the country.

All Vietnamese overseas are exempted from Vietnam visa, but as we mentioned previously, you must have the proof showing you are a Vietnamese. For more detailed information about this governmental rule, please click here.

The evidence or official documents demonstrating you are a Vietnamese consist of a birth certificate, identification card (if any), Vietnamese passport (if any), or family registration (if any), etc. In case you have any of them or similar types that could prove you are a Vietnamese, please bring it to the Embassy of Vietnam in your nation to request the visa Vietnam exemption. At that point, you are allowed to get into the country.

In case you wish to make an application for Vietnam visa, or want to learn how to get a Vietnam visa on arrival, or just simply about Vietnam visa photo size requirements, you can freely contact us at any time through [email protected].

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