12 Necessary Tips When Applying For Vietnam Visa Online

In case you are planning to come to Vietnam on holiday, or for business, it would be a wise decision to submit a Vietnam visa online to save your time and money as well. To know clearly about how to get visa for Vietnam online, you can visit Vietnam visa information.

Vietnam Visa Guide - 12 Necessary Tips When Applying For Vietnam Visa Online

A sample of Vietnam visa on arrival - Vietnam VOA

Some information you should pay attention before applying for a Vietnam visa online

The first important thing that you need to know before making an application for online visa Vietnam is that Vietnam single entry visa is generally required for most citizens from foreign countries. In case you apply for visa Vietnam online (to get the Vietnam visa approval letter), you must enter Vietnam at Noi Bai airport (Hanoi), Danang airport (Da Nang), Cam Ranh airport (Cam Ranh city), or Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City) to get your visa stamped into your passport. However, if you go to the embassy to get a visa namely Vietnam Embassy visa, you will be allowed to enter at any of the 12 land borders including 3 each with China and Cambodia, 6 with Laos, and the 4 previously mentioned airports.

12 essential tips for travelers to get online Vietnam visa

Although acquiring a visa to Vietnam today is much easier than in the past, there are several Vietnam visa tips that you are suggested to keep in mind before signing up for Vietnam visa in order to prevent any unpredictable circumstance:

1. Confirm whether or not you are resident of a country in Vietnam visa exemption list by checking Vietnam visa policy.

2. If you are required to have a visa to Vietnam, you need to ensure that your passport has at least six months validity with enough space for visa stamping.

3. You should book a flight before making the Vietnam visa application if you apply for Vietnam visa online.

4. Don’t request a visa to Vietnam too late; a better option is to apply one or two weeks in advance to prevent unwanted problems or extra fees for urgent service.

5. Vietnam visa extension has to be done within one week before your visa expiration, and a new visa must be done after three extensions of the old one.

6. Because of some objective factors, the Vietnam visa requirements change quite often. As a result, you’d better double check this kind of information before traveling.

7. If you intend to stay more than 30 days in Vietnam or to exit Vietnam and enter once again from other nations, you should prepare a 3-month multi-entry visa. It will cost you around $95 in Cambodia. However, it is not available from all Vietnam embassies.

8. In case you want to directly visit the Vietnam Embassy to get your visa done, don’t be hasty since it usually takes more time than online Vietnam visa application.

9. Please note that Vietnam Embassies and Consulates do not open on Vietnamese holidays, so take this into account before traveling.

10. The regulations and prices can be varied from embassy to embassy, and from consulate to consulate. You should visit ​current Vietnam visa fee to check the prices and visa fees carefully.

11. Travelers to Vietnam must fill in an entry/exit form and a customs declaration in duplicate. You will be given a yellow copy, and your job is to keep this document safe with your passport since you will be required to present this when you leave.

12. One important thing you need to remember is that to some extent; your personal appearance influences the airport Immigration’s reception to you. For example, if you wear short pants or messy clothing, or just look a little bit different from your photos, you may have to face some trouble. As a result, the Vietnam visa applicants are recommended to try their best to look ‘respectable’ as much as possible.

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