Vietnam Visa Extension Requirement For Foreign Travelers To Know

In the event that you would like to remain longer in Vietnam and do not have enough understanding on how to apply for your Vietnam visa extension, there is no need to worry, because we will provide you with the best solution for your problem. In order to extend your visa to Vietnam, you need to learn some basic details about visa extension.

Definition of visa to Vietnam extension

Visa extension means having the permission for a new remaining period in Vietnam.

Please take note that the Vietnam tourist visa is just for single entry and one-month stay, but it is extendable once you come to Vietnam. Diplomatic, Official visas, Business, and other visa types need to be applied via the government, official companies, and business sponsors. Each of them has its separate requirements as well as procedures, so travelers can be free to choose the most suitable method for themselves to get a visa (such as apply for a Vietnam visa online or in person at the Embassy).

Types of Vietnam visa extension

 Currently, there are 2 types of visa extension in Vietnam: one month and three months.

  • In case your current visa is 1-month single or 1-month multiple entries, you can apply to extend in 1 more month.
  • In case your current visa is 3-month single or 3-month multiple entries, you can apply to extend in 3 more months.
  • Vietnam Visa Guide - Vietnam Visa Extension Requirement For Foreign Travelers To Know

    Requirements for Vietnam visa extension

  • Your passport with more than 6-month validity
  • Your passport has at least 1-2 empty pages to get the new stamp
  • You must extend your visa at least 7 days before it expires
  • Generally, it takes about 5-7 business days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) and the legitimacy of your extended visa is from the date you submit your documents. Therefore, you are advised to provide us with the documents about 10 days prior to your visa expiry date. You need to remember that the Vietnam visa extension cost depends on the current type of visa, your port of arrival as well as other requirements of the Vietnamese Immigration Department, so you should send us an email to know the accurate Vietnam visa fee. You are also allowed to extend your visa several times once your first extended visa is expired.

    If you wish to get your visa extended or renewed, then you need to follow these steps

    First, you have to send a scan of your passport and the page that consists of your Vietnam visa to us through our email. After that, our agency will process it with the Vietnamese Immigration Department to confirm your info before extending or renewing your current visa. Once we are done with this, you will be informed whether your visa to Vietnam can be extended or renewed because visa extension can change for each situation. Next, you need to go to our office and take these documents with you:

  • Your passport
  • Paper for temporary residence approved by the hotel where you stay at or by local authorities where you remain or wards Police Unit
  • In case you are Vietnamese holding foreign passport or your visa is loose-leaf visa, you should prepare yourself 2 standard-sized photographs.
  • One more thing, in the event that you are in Hanoi city or Ho Chi Minh city, our staff can come directly to the address on your request in order to collect your passport. After that, you only need to wait for a few days to receive your passport back along with your visa stamp.

    Important notes

  • You should extend or renew your visa to Vietnam at least 1 week for 3 months visa, ideally 2 weeks prior to your visa expiration. Before you request a visa Vietnam extension, your passport need to have more than one blank page. 
  • For business and tourist visa, extending or renewing visa is only applied for 1 month or 3 months (single/multiple).
  • For official, diplomatic visas, as well as other visa types, you need to apply them via authorized companies or business sponsors, government or contact the Vietnam Immigration Department directly in person.
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