What Should Foreign Travelers Do To Obtain Vietnam Residence Card?

Vietnam Visa Guide - What Should Foreign Travelers Do To Obtain Vietnam Residence Card?

If you would like to remain in Vietnam in a long time period without having to apply or renew your visa, you should request a temporary residence card which is granted by the authorized provincial office dealing with entry and exit under the Ministry of Public Security. The validity of the card can last from 1 to 3 years.

The temporary resident card is qualified with:

  • Member of Board of Directors of a Vietnamese joint-stock company
  • Owner of 1 member limited company in Vietnam
  • Member of a limited company with more than one member
  • Foreign businessmen with a work permit who are working in Vietnamese companies
  • Foreign lawyers are issued with legal work permit in Vietnam
  • Professors, students as well as researchers who are studying and working in national projects, programs signed by ministries and authorized by the Vietnam government
  • Family member of those who were given with Vietnam temporary or permanent residence card
  • Requirements ​​​​for document

  • A written request for temporary resident card (form NA8) and 2 photographs sized 3x4 cm
  • Your original passport
  • The documents of guarantee companies: certificate of investment, business license, introduced dispatch seal and also signature of the lawful representative
  • The documents that show your staying purpose while you are in Vietnam: work permit, work contract, or appointed to the position in the organization
  • Processing time and fees

  • You need to wait for 5 business days to 14 business days in order to get this temporary resident card.
  • The fee can be changed based on the time and is determined by each travel company.
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