Must-Know Information About Visa Requirement To Vietnam

The authorities of each country or region have responsibilities for setting and enforcing the rules for entry, including Vietnam. Once you plan to visit a country and you are not clear about visa requirement to Vietnam, you are advised to contact their embassy or consulates in your location or neighboring nations.

To ensure your passport as well as other travel documents satisfy their requirements, you should check your passport and necessary documents by yourself or ask the travel company like Greenvisa to check these papers carefully in case you hire them to apply for Vietnam visa for you.

Vietnam Visa Guide - Must-Know Information About Visa Requirement To Vietnam

Vietnam entry visa requirements

Travel documents

For trips which lengthen up to one month, you can get an online visa such as e-visa or visa on arrival. However, they may have disadvantages for you if you want to extend your visit. Unless you have a fixed travel plan, you should apply for a normal visa from the closest Vietnam Embassy in your area.

If you wish to have multiple visits in a short period, you can apply for multi entry Vietnam visa. If you would like to make a second visit within 30 days of leaving day, you need to get a regular visa or an evisa Vietnam to enter the country again.

Vietnam Government also has the visa extension policy for certain countries; you should check in advance the list of eligible countries for this policy to make sure whether your nationality is included in the list or not. The application for the Vietnam visa extension can be processed at the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Each type of visa has its own validity and visa requirement for Vietnam, your length of stay cannot exceed the date you entered on the application. Also, your overstaying visa with no authority is a serious problem, and your travel may be delayed until a fine is paid.

Eligible gates

Vietnam embassy visa and visa on arrival are not alike in accepting visa at arrival gates. Embassy visa is applied for all means of transport, and that means you can use this visa at any airport, land border or seaport. Vietnam VOA is applicable for traveling by airplane only.

Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date you enter Vietnam and not from the date you make the application.

In some case, there is a number of travelers have been rejected entry because of their passport being damaged. Therefore, you need to ensure your passport and important travel document are in good condition because being denied entry can waste you lots of money and make you wait for a long time at the airport.

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