Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Belgian Citizens - A Better Way To Obtain Visa To Vietnam

The bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Belgium have improved significantly over the past decades. The two countries have maintained diplomatic relations since March 1973.

Vietnam authorities offers citizens from Belgium two available methods to obtain a Vietnam visa Belgium to enter the country. Thank to this, you can either come to the Embassy of Vietnam to request a visa or apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. Both of these types of visa are legitimate and have their own advantages and disadvantages; therefore, you can feel free to choose any of them as long as it is suitable for your purpose the most.

Vietnam Visa on arrival for Belgium

Vietnam visa VOA is established for visitors who are not living near the location of the Consulate or Embassy of Vietnam or in countries without having Vietnam Embassy. In other words, VOA is an alternative method for residents from foreign nations planning to obtain the visa to Vietnam. You just have to complete a Vietnam visa online application form and then pay for the visa service charge instead of adhering to tedious procedures of acquiring a visa at Vietnam Embassy.

You need to check all of the Vietnam visa requirements for Belgian citizens which you must fulfill in order to apply for this visa type. In addition, you are required to possess a passport with more than six-month validity and at least two blank pages. You also need to bring two pictures which are taken within six months from the date you write in your application form.

Visa on arrival for Vietnam can only handle two types of visa which are business visa and tourist visa. With Vietnam business visa on arrival, you can remain to work in the country up to six months in maximum. With tourist visa to Vietnam, you can stay in Vietnam with the longest duration of residence at 90 days. Another thing you should remember is that this visa has both single entry and multiple entry and it can be extended.

Getting visa on arrival Vietnam through a reliable travel agency like is considered to be a better option because of benefits that you can gain. You are allowed to implement the entire process on the Internet, which only takes you a short time to submit the application with an Internet connection. Moreover, you will not have to deal with the Vietnam Immigration Department since we will do it on your behalf. This way of obtaining a visa to Vietnam will be very convenient for Belgian who are currently living far from the Vietnam Embassy in Brussels.

Vietnam Embassy visa for Belgians

The benefit of this method is that you can have your passport with visa stamp on it before getting on the airplane to come to Vietnam. You can also arrange the whole processes of visa directly with the Embassy of Vietnam in Belgium without going through any third party. Despite all the complex procedures of getting a visa at Vietnam Embassy, this is still a good way to obtain a visa if you intend to enter Vietnam by different means of transport besides airplane.

Belgian travelers can visit Green visa company to look for more information about these two solutions of getting a visa to Vietnam.

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