Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Bermudian Citizens

In the early 2000, the Vietnam Government formally authorized a brand new visa type known as visa on arrival. Since then, it has turned out to be much more well-known amongst international visitors intending to pay a visit to this country.

Basic Vietnam visa requirements for Bermudian citizens

People from Bermuda wanting to apply for Vietnam visa Bermuda on arrival need to adapt the following standard criteria. The very first thing you are required to have is a passport which has more than six-month validity and also two blank pages to stamp your visa. In the event you fail to have enough empty pages, you are permitted to get the loose-leaf visa. Next, you ought to prepare 2 photographs that are taken within half a year starting from the date you send your visa request.

A lot of foreign travelers usually forget to keep in mind tracking the time when their visa will be legit. The visa legitimacy will not be measured at the date you submit your visa application, but the date of travel which is written in the form. The final thing you should always remember is the truth that Vietnam VOA is primarily applied for individuals who wish to travel to this country by airplane plus arrive at one of the four Vietnam international terminals. That is the main reason why you must choose other methods to get a visa to Vietnam as soon as possible if you intend to go into the country via other ways of transport.

As soon as you finish making an application for your Vietnam visa on arrival and settle the Vietnam visa fee for Bermudian citizens, a Vietnam visa approval letter will be sent to your email. Subsequently, you are advised to examine this paper properly in case there is any error to ensure it can be adjusted in time. You will print out the letter prior to getting on the jet and provide it to the Vietnam Immigration Department officers at the arrival airport to get your visa.

What can Bermudians benefit from Vietnam on arrival visa?

Regarding people whose countries do not have Vietnam Embassy like Bermuda, VOA Vietnam visa ends up being the number one option due to its advantages that you can easily benefit.

The fact that you are able to make an application for this visa type from any place, even being at your house with just a computer and an Internet connection makes it become the first benefit you can reap. This enables you to spare plenty of time as well as energy to drive to the nearby Embassy of Vietnam in the place you are living in and apply for a Vietnam visa. Furthermore, you can stay away from the whole complex and monotonous processes of acquiring visa at the Vietnam Embassy since a travel company will deal with everything on your behalf. Yet another advantage that people are allowed to gain from Vietnam visa on arrival for Bermudian citizens is that you will discover precisely the charge for handling visa as everything will be displayed plainly on the site of your selected agency. This is different from getting a visa to Vietnam at the embassy because the visa fees are differ from each embassy.

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