How To Utilize Vietnam visa On Arrival For Bolivian Citizens

Even though Vietnam doesn’t have famous spots like Sydney Opera House or Grand Canyons, the country possesses various natural landscapes with a spectacular beauty which attracts a lot of international tourists. This leads to an increasing number of visitors traveling to Vietnam. However, most foreigners are required to get a Vietnam visa before entering the country, and citizens from Bolivia are not exception.

At present, there are several tourist routes to Vietnam offered for foreign travelers. Depending on which mean of transport you choose, you can select the suitable way for obtaining a Vietnam visa Bolivia.

Bolivian citizens entering Vietnam by airplane can request Vietnam on arrival visa

Up to now, Vietnam Embassies and Consulates have been established in various countries across the globe. Since then, travelers have tended to obtain Vietnam visa through embassy or consulate. Nowadays, however, the primary trend for getting Vietnam visa by air is applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. This visa type allows you to get online visa for Vietnam, receive the approval letter by Vietnam Immigration office via your email and get visa stamped on arrival at one of the four international airports in Vietnam. You can click here to learn more about Vietnam approval letter.

It is the fact that Vietnam visa on arrival for Bolivian citizens is more economical than obtaining Vietnam visa at embassy or consulate. Kindly keep in mind that VOA in Vietnam is applied for air travel only. There is no visa on arrival for Vietnam is issued at land or sea borders. Visitors have to make contact with Vietnam government-authorized company like for online submission.

Visitors traveling to Vietnam by land or cruise can apply for Vietnam embassy visa

To get a Vietnam visa Bolivia at the embassy, you have to strictly follow Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens. You are required to send your original passport and Vietnam visa application form, 2 latest passport-sized photos and stamping fee Vietnam visa by post. The Vietnam visa fee Bolivia differs from each embassy so you are recommended to directly contact the Vietnam Embassy in your nation to find out more relevant information. Also, the visa processing time is around five to seven operation days.

However, before making an application for Vietnam visa, you should know there are several circumstances in which you can enter Vietnam without having visa. For example, people who plan to take a trip to Phu Quoc island can enjoy a visa-free policy for 30 days. Moreover, since there are a number of visitors having the privilege to come to Vietnam with no visa, you should precisely check whether or not you are in the Vietnam exemption list.

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