How To Obtain Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Costa Rican Citizens

Being a Costa Rican passport holder, you are unable to obtain a Vietnam visa Costa Rica at the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam because presently there is no Vietnam representative office in Costa Rica.

Great news is that Costa Rican residents are allowed to make an application for visa on arrival Vietnam which is another method of acquiring visa that enables you to get the authorization to visit Vietnam. This visa type was established by the Vietnam authorities in order to minimize the difficulty as well as the hassle of visa-getting process at the embassy and help you get Vietnam visa easily.

Procedure for requesting VOA in Vietnam

As soon as you choose Vietnam visa on arrival for Costa Rican citizens, a reliable travel company like Greenvisa is what you need to find first so that you can be supported to get a Vietnam visa. Next, you must fill out an application form using the internet. Unless you want your visa application to be rejected, you must fill in the info which is the same with the information in your passport including your full name, passport number, along with your arrival date. Subsequently, you have to select your visa options and pay the fee for visa-processing.

By submitting the necessary information and pay the Vietnam visa fee for Costa Rican citizens, our service will begin to handle your visa request. It usually takes around 2 working days in regular case for your visa application to be taken care of. Then, you will obtain a Vietnam approval letter which is sent to your email. Once you collect this letter, please properly confirm it to see if there is any error to ensure that it can be corrected without delay.

After you arrive at the Vietnam terminal, you must head to the Visa on arrival counter and strictly follow Vietnam visa requirements for Costa Rican citizens. You will be required to show your approval letter in paper, a legitimate passport with the validity of 6 months or more as well as 2 pictures taken within half a year.

Right after you provide all relevant papers to the officer of the Vietnam Immigration Department, you need to fill in an entry and exit form which is available at the Vietnam terminal. You are also advised to take some money in cash to pay the fee for stamping visa. As soon as you settle the payment, a visa stamp along with sticker will be added in your passport. Next, you should follow the signs at the flight terminal to head over the luggage lounge, obtain your baggage and enjoy your trip in Vietnam.

Benefits of choosing to get Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport

Here are some advantages that you can take once you go for Vietnam visa on arrival.

  • Do not have to send your passport to the embassy
  • Implement everything on the Internet with only a computer and an Internet connection
  • Avoid wasting plenty of time and effort to drive to the embassy
  • Do not have to deal with the Vietnam Immigration Department
  • Take only a short period to apply for a visa on arrival
  • Convenient for those residing far from the Vietnam Embassy

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