It has become quite simple these days for Ecuadorian citizens to obtain a Vietnam visa Ecuador since there are two available methods for you to choose. You can either apply for visa straight at the embassy or request visa for Vietnam on arrival airport.

Vietnam on arrival visa – a solution to ease the process of getting Vietnam visa from Vietnam Immigration Department

Each type of visa provides travelers with its own benefits and drawbacks. Visa on arrival is convenient for people who stay far away from the Vietnam Embassy or those who do not want to travel a long distance and spend lots of time getting their visa at the embassy. Moreover, this visa type enables visitors to reduce the chance of losing their original passport or other important documents during the delivery process. With Vietnam on arrival visa, you can get a visa for Vietnam in a shorter time, with a more reasonable price when compared to other ways of acquiring a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa upon arrival was created by the Vietnamese government with the aim to ease the complicated process of getting visa at the embassy. That is why people in Ecuador can easily follow a three-step procedure to obtain their Vietnam visa. The first step begins with filling in a Vietnam visa application form on the Internet and paying the fee for processing visa. Then, you will receive an approval letter issued by the Vietnam immigration government via your email address within two days for regular service and a few hours for urgent case. After that, you are required to present your passport, the VOA Vietnam letter of approval in paper, two standard-sized pictures once you arrive at Vietnam airport and settle the payment for stamping visa to get Vietnam visa.

Nevertheless, Vietnam VOA is only available for Ecuadorians who choose to go to Vietnam by air. That means if you would like to enter Vietnam by other methods of transportation, you should look for other ways to obtain a Vietnam visa.

How to obtain a Vietnam visa Ecuador at the embassy

Requesting a visa at the embassy is a traditional way that has still been used by many travelers. Unfortunately, there is no Embassy or Consulates of Vietnam in Ecuador currently. Therefore, you have to travel to neighboring countries which have Vietnam Embassy to apply for this visa type.

The entire process of obtaining a visa at the embassy is pretty complex and takes much time. You have to travel to the Embassy of Vietnam in other nations in person to work with them or send all of your necessary documents by post. It usually takes about one week, and the embassy may ask you to come to their place once or twice to carry out an interview.

The current Vietnam visa fee and procedure to get a Vietnam Embassy visa vary from embassy to embassy. As a result, Ecuadorians are recommended to get in touch with Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries to get more details.

Ecuadorians are advised to choose the most suited visa type for their demands to avoid unwanted problems as well as save time and money. At Greenvisa, we provide travelers excellent visa services to help you get the visa to Vietnam with ease and convenience. Click here to know more about Vietnam visa information and instructions.

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