Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Egyptian Citizens

Diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Egypt has been continued in all aspects, especially in trade and economics. Also, a large number of Egyptian visitors choose Vietnam to be their ideal destination for traveling because of its astounding landscapes, the hospitality of local people and a lot more. That is why in an attempt of the Vietnamese Government to ease the process of getting a Vietnam visa Egypt for foreigners, a new type of visa called Vietnam visa on arrival was developed.

Visa on arrival or named as Vietnam VOA is a new type of visa which is provided to assist people staying far away from the Vietnam Embassy or those whose nation doesn’t have the Vietnam Embassy in getting a visa to Vietnam simply and easily. Previously, there was only one choice for you to pick up the authorization to go into Vietnam; that is obtaining Vietnam visa at the embassy. However, with the availability of Vietnam visa on arrival for Egyptian citizens, you will be able to reduce all of the inconvenience and complex procedures for acquiring your Vietnam visa at the embassy.

Benefits of choosing VOA Vietnam at homepage

If you don’t want to get a visa at the embassy and go for Vietnam VOA, you can reap the following benefits:

  • There is no need for you to send your original passport away.
  • The entire process is done completely online.
  • It only takes you a short time to submit a Vietnam visa on arrival online. Everything you need is an internet connected computer.
  • This visa type is extremely convenient for those who are currently residing far away from the Vietnam Embassy.
  • You do not have to work directly with the Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • Basic steps for making a Vietnam visa on arrival application

    Applying visa on arrival for Vietnam is known to be one of the most affordable and quickest methods to enter Vietnam. All you have to do is going to website and filling in an "Application Form", getting a visa on arrival Vietnam approval letter within 2 operation days. After that, you can easily obtain your visa at one of the four Vietnam international airports (include Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, Da Nang airport, Cam Ranh airport in Cam Ranh city, and Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City) after satisfying Vietnam visa requirements for Egyptian citizens and pay the Vietnam visa fee Egypt for stamping visa. Our agency will assist you in applying for Vietnam visa on arrival and getting a Vietnam visa approval letter on your behalf.

    However, this visa type is applicable for Egyptian passport holders choosing to travel to Vietnam by airplane only. If you have a plan to enter Vietnam by other means of transport, the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate is still the only official unit which issues a visa to Vietnam.

    If you want to look for more information about these two options of getting visa to Vietnam, kindly visit our Greenvisa homepage.

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