Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Emirati Citizens

Diplomatic relationships between Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates were set up in 1993. From then on, the friendship and cooperation between the two countries have become closer and stronger.

The governments of the UAE and Vietnam have always helped each other in their battle for national independence as well as the development of its economy. Vietnam considers the UAE as one of the main partners in the Middle East. On the other hand, Vietnam also can be a gateway for the UAE to the South-East Asia. The relationship regarding politics between Vietnam and the UAE has been well-improved, which has put a solid base for diversified relations as well as cooperation between the two nations.

The opening of UAE embassy in Hanoi in November 2008 and the launch of Vietnam Embassy in Abu Dhabi in January 2008 demonstrated the governments’ hope to develop friendship and cooperation between two countries.

One of the first moves to strengthen this relationship is that citizens from UAE can easily apply for a Vietnam visa for United Arab Emirates at Vietnam Embassy if they plan to pay a visit to the country.

Apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in your country

To do this, you need to prepare some required documents such as the application form with signature and photo attached, your original passport or a hard copy of your passport, several pictures taken within six months from the application date.

In addition, in case you wish to get a visa to Vietnam, you should keep in mind that it would be wise to contact the nearest embassy for the exact details about the procedure and Vietnam visa cost for Emirati citizens. This way will help you avoid being confused as every embassy will charge you different fees and have different ways of processing the visa.

Visitors from the UAE also have to come to the Vietnam Embassy to handle the entire process for getting a visa done. After five working days, in case there is nothing wrong with the application form, you will receive your passport with a visa stamped on it. Then, you can pack a bag and travel to Vietnam.

If you have any question relating to the process of getting a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam, you can use the information below to look for the help:

  • City: Abu Dhabi
  • Address: Al Mushrif area, Abu Dhabi, the UAE (Villa 0101, Str. 27 sector 24,)
  • Phone: + 971.2.449 6710; + 971.2.449 6720
  • Fax: + 971.2.449 6730
  • Website:
  • Office hours: 08:00 ÷ 14:00 Sunday - Thursday
  • In another attempt of Vietnamese authorities to improve the country’s tourism, Emirati inhabitants can now choose a different method to acquire Vietnam visa called visa on arrival.

    Submit an online application for a visa on arrival for Vietnam

    This type of visa is made to help those who are currently living far from the Vietnam Embassy save a lot of time and effort to obtain a visa to Vietnam. The entire procedure can be done quickly at you home as long as you have an internet connection.

    However, Emirati citizens need to remember that the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam do not handle Vietnam visa on arrival. This visa type can only be processed by a travel agency in Vietnam such as Greenvisa LTC.

    The differences between getting a visa at the embassy and getting VOA in Vietnam are easily noticeable when comparing the two methods. One of the main distinctions is that you will acquire Vietnam visa at the embassy before traveling to Vietnam, while with VOA Vietnam, you will receive a Vietnam approval letter via email first, print it out and then present it at Vietnam airport to get a visa for Vietnam.

    Regardless of which method you choose, they are both legitimate and also have their own advantages as well as disadvantages that you need to consider carefully before making a decision.

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