Detailed Instructions For Getting Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Estonian Citizens

In order to enter a country, you need to possess a passport as well as visa. Although there are nations that do not insist visa for entering its area, there are countries such as Vietnam that require visa to get into its territory.

Can travelers apply for Vietnam visa at embassy or consulate in Estonia?

It is unfortunate that there is no embassy or representative office of Vietnam in Estonia at the moment. That is why getting a Vietnam visa Estonia at the embassy is such a problem for the people here. In these cases, you have to get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy in nearby countries such as Finland, Sweden, Poland, etc. to submit your Vietnam visa application and acquire a visa to Vietnam.

Because of this inconvenience, you are advised to choose another method of getting Vietnam visa called Vietnam visa on arrival. This visa type is an ideal solution for Estonians because there is no Vietnam Embassy in this country. One important thing about VOA visa Vietnam is that it is only applicable for those who travel to Vietnam by air and the whole procedure is fast as well as pocket-friendly.

What should Estonian visitors do to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

For obtaining this type of visa, applicants need to find a reliable travel company such as and access to our website to complete an online application form with your basic details. Next, you are required to pay the visa to Vietnam fee for processing visa using Paypal or Mastercard, Visa credit/debit card. After that, your application will be sent to the Vietnam Immigration Department which will issue a Vietnam VOA approval letter. Our agency will then forward this document to you via your registered email address. Estonian citizens need to have this letter to get on a plane to Vietnam. When you reach the terminal in Vietnam, the officer of the Immigration Department will check your approval letter. Therefore, you are advised to keep this document carefully. All the information will be crosschecked with the travel documents. After this, the officer will stamp a Vietnam visa with red seal into your passport.

Vietnam visa on arrival for Estonian citizens is highly recommended because it has simple procedures. You only have to follow simple steps to get your visa stamped. This visa type can help you save not only the time but also the money to get a Vietnam visa instead of traveling back and forth to the Embassy of Vietnam. More importantly, Estonian inhabitants can apply for visa Vietnam on arrival from anywhere. This is the swiftest and the most effective way of getting a Vietnam visa Estonia for those who are living far away from the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. Travelers can easily request a VOA visa Vietnam online via official website before traveling to Vietnam.

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