Visa On Arrival For Ethiopian Citizens - A Convenient Method For Getting Vietnam Visa

Visa is a necessary document for foreign travelers to come to Vietnam in a legit way. Ethiopia is not named in the Vietnam exemption list so that citizens of the country need to have a Vietnam visa Ethiopia before entering Vietnam.

Making an application for visa on arrival for Vietnam

Nowadays, inhabitants of Ethiopia and other nations have the ability to get a visa online for Vietnam thanks to government-registered travel agencies such as By making use of this new method, you can save your budget and time. With this company, you can easily get a Vietnam VOA letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department. This document is a must if you want to get a Vietnam visa on arrival for Ethiopian citizens and enter the country. The process is not far complicated as you can simply follow the guidance:

  • Get access to
  • Follow the guidance to submit the Vietnam visa on arrival online application form
  • Pay visa approval fee online by credit card
  • Get the confirmation email
  • Check registered mail shortly after 2 working days to see if there is any issue in your Vietnam visa approval letter
  • Download the approval letter and print it out
  • Bring in the approval letter, passport, relevant document and 2 personal photos, money in cash for Vietnam visa stamping fee at Vietnam international airports
  • Frequently, it can take you around 15 to 30 minutes to get visa stamped at Vietnam airports. However, it often takes longer than expected as a consequence of the enormous amounts of arrivals.

    But bear in mind, visa for Vietnam on arrival is eligible for Ethiopian passport holders visiting this country by air lane only. If you wish to visit Vietnam by other means of transports, you can go to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to request a Vietnam visa or apply for Vietnam e-visa via the internet.

    Getting a Vietnam embassy visa

    Unluckily, there is no Vietnam Embassy in Ethiopia up to now. That is why you have to visit the Vietnam Embassy in neighboring nations to make an application for a Vietnam visa. You have to strictly follow Vietnam visa requirements for Ethiopian citizens by filling in the Vietnam visa application form, presenting an original passport, 2 personal photos as well as the visa fee. Obtaining a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam usually takes from 5 to 7 operation days in general. Besides, the procedures and Vietnam visa cost for Ethiopian citizens are different in each embassy and consulate. Therefore, you are suggested to directly get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy to know more details.

    In addition, this type of visa is not convenient for Ethiopian passport holders who live far away from the Embassy of Vietnam. You have to spend time on going to the embassy or might face some unexpected issues of missing passport or relevant documents when you send them via postal mail.

    For those issues, visa on arrival is still the useful way for Ethiopian passport holders to obtain a visa to Vietnam. In case you would like to get more details relating to Vietnam on arrival visa, please visit the Greenvisa official site.

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