Ghanaian Travelers Are Now Able To Apply For Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Ghanaian Citizens Easily At Anywhere In The World


Vietnam has attracted an increasing number of travelers around the world for years. Realizing the importance of Vietnam visa in strengthening the number of tourists to Vietnam, the government has been providing various solutions to simplify procedures of visa application.

Previously, Ghanaian citizens had the only one method to pick up a Vietnam visa Ghana. That is applying for one at the Vietnam Embassy. The process of this visa type is quite complicated. To request visa for Vietnam, you need to complete a Vietnam visa application form with all of your details, have an original passport visa with two empty pages for stamping and a minimum of six months validity. You can submit the visa application in person at Vietnam embassy or send it by post. In case you choose to use email, you have to send your copy of passport, a PDF file of Vietnam visa upon arrival form and payment.

Unluckily, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Ghana up to now. The Ghanaian need to travel to neighboring nations of Ghana to request a Vietnam visa.

A great news is that Vietnam government has recently released a new policy assisting Ghanaian in getting a visa to Vietnam simply, quickly and cheaply. With a computer and internet connection, you are now able to apply for Vietnam visa from anywhere in the world, even at your home. This method is more convenient and economical than the Embassy’s one because it allows you to simply pick up the visa without the need of visiting Vietnam Embassy. 

How to complete the visa on arrival for Vietnam procedures

You need to hire a travel agency like Greenvisa to request for a visa to Vietnam on your behalf. The applicants are demanded to complete an application via the internet with accurate information including applicant's name, occupation, the length of stay, the purpose of the visit along with the arrival and departure dates. After the visa processing time is over, we will collect your Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter and send back to you via email. Finally, at any of Vietnam international airports, you can present your Vietnam VOA approval letter with stamping fees at the Visa on arrival desk to pick up your visa.

The important note is that visa on arrival is only valid for Ghanaian passport holders who come in Vietnam through air way only. If you enter Vietnam through sea and land border, you need to get a visa beforehand and bring it with you prior to coming to Vietnam. In case you want to travel to Vietnam on a cruise ship, you can contact the cruise authorities to get more Vietnam visa information. Please keep in mind that the missing of essential documents or passport can cause the rejection of entry or even immediate deportation.

A valid Vietnam visa is necessary for most of foreigners visiting Vietnam for any purpose. However, confusions or careless preparations can lead travelers to unexpected troubles at last minutes. Greenvisa is here to help Ghanian visitors gain most essential Vietnam visa information as well as its tips and tricks.

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