Vietnam has been considered as a friendly and safe country for years. It is no surprise that more and more travelers choose Vietnam as a great destination for their journey. However, most of them need to have a visa to Vietnam – a conditional authorization granted by Vietnam authorities for foreigners before entering Vietnam, including Gibraltarian citizens.

Visa on arrival Vietnam – less time-consuming but more effective visa getting method

One of the most convenient methods to pick up Vietnam visa Gibraltar currently is to get Vietnam visa on arrival. An advantage of visa on arrival Vietnam is that Gibraltarian citizens do not have to send passport and relevant documents away. Also, you can quickly complete the process by a computer or any electronic device with Internet connection.

You are able to hire a travel company to deal with Vietnam Immigration Department authorities and get a Vietnam VOA approval letter on your behalf instead of doing it directly by yourself at the embassy. The process of Vietnam on arrival visa is so straightforward that any applicant can complete just by following three simple steps below.

Firstly, you need to fulfill the Vietnam visa application form and make payment online. You can access the official site of a government-registered company providing the best Vietnam visa service as to understand Vietnam visa requirements and instructions on getting a visa to Vietnam exactly.

Next, if your submission and payment are successful, you will get a copy of Vietnam letter of approval issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam. Generally, the processing time is about two days for normal service.

Finally, you must present your VOA letter of approval Vietnam, two photos as well as make payment for stamping fee in cash to the Vietnam Immigration Department to obtain your visa stamped at the airport.

Picking up visa on arrival takes you less time and money than obtaining a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam. Visa on arrival is applicable for those who travel to Vietnam by airway only. If Gibraltarian passport holders travel to Vietnam by land and sea crossing border, Vietnam Embassy or Consulate is the visa granting units only.

Vietnam visa requirements for getting visa Vietnam at the embassy or consulates

Despite the fact that there are several faster and easier methods to obtain Vietnam visa nowadays, the Embassy of Vietnam still plays a major role in issuing a visa. Unfortunately, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Gibraltar yet. Gibraltarian passport holders have to directly drive or make a call to the closest Vietnam Embassy or Consulates in their neighboring country to request for a Vietnam visa.

The required visa application for this visa type includes an application form with signature attached, two photos, as well as their original or a copy of the original passport. In general, the processing time of getting a visa at Vietnam Embassy is about one week and the Vietnam visa stamping fee is different from each embassy or consulate. In some situations, the application may be extended or refused. For that reason, it is recommended that travelers should not book flight ticket during the processing time.

For more information on how to get a Vietnam visa for entering the country legally, please visit Green visa official site.

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