Vietnam Immigration Department Grants Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Hungarian Citizens

Nowadays, visa can be granted directly right in applicants' country in two ways: register online or make an application and hand in to the embassy of the country you want to travel to. More convenience is that there are several travel companies which can fulfill the process of getting Vietnam visa in case there is no Vietnam embassy in their living country.

Vietnam has encountered a revolutionary economic and social modification over the past two decades along with incorporation into the international economy. Considered as a fast growing and rapidly developing ASEAN economy, Vietnam holds potential economic factors for EU businesses.

In the recent past, Vietnam has drawn a significant number of investment funds from Hungary. Many Hungarian companies today try to operate tons of activities of their business in Vietnam which has a remarkable possibility of the development of the whole economy in general as well as especially tourism.

To encourage and stimulate the development of the tourism in both global regions and domestic areas, Vietnam Government allows Hungarians to utilize Vietnam visa on arrival for Hungarian citizens - a type of visa which enables applicants to complete the entire process online.

Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) has been obtaining reliability and durability of many travelers. The procedure of this method is straightforward and exceptionally handy for tourists attempting to reduce complicated procedure and save valuable time spending on driving and waiting at the embassy.

Detailed steps to get VOA Vietnam visa

In order to acquire Vietnam visa on arrival for Hungarian citizens with, there are three simple stages that Hungarians need to follow.

First, you must fill out a Vietnam visa application form with your private details. This information must be precisely exact and the same to the info written on your passport. You need to pay Vietnam on arrival visa fee of service and you are permitted to select the type of payment freely. Greenvisa will accept all primary kinds of bank card and Paypal.

Next, if your application is ratified, you will get a Vietnam VOA approval letter via email after about 2 working days. Along with this step, you have to print out all PDF file of your documents. Moreover, visitors must prepare at least two passport size photos. All of these documents will be presented to the Immigration officers when you arrive at one of the international airports in Vietnam. The officers will check all the papers and issue a visa for visitors in case there is not any mistake. To obtain Vietnam visa stamped, you will need to pay charges for the service.

For those  who want to hold the Vietnam visa before traveling to Vietnam, a visa made at the embassy is an ideal option. Greenvisa advises you to directly contact the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam to get the most exactly information and instructions.

Obtain Vietnam visa Hungary in traditional way

Unlike visa Vietnam online, the visa issued from the Vietnam Embassy is suitable for all means of transport, not by air only. Moreover, this method is reliable since Hungarian citizens can obtain their visa before the journey. However, the passport of visitors needs to be valid at least 6-month before to the journey day. Choosing this visa type, applicants must visit the closest Vietnam Embassy and cannot finish the procedure at home by themselves. Visitors must meet visa requirement to Vietnam from the embassy to get their Vietnam visa. You have to take their original passport along throughout the procedure and may drive to the embassy more than once. After entering the information on the visa application form of Vietnam, appliers have to submit the hard copy of files in person or by post with and make payment for the service fee. If all of the files are legitimate, Vietnam Embassy will issue visa after five working days in normal service or one to two days for urgent service.

  • Represented: Vietnam
  • Country located in: Hungary
  • City: Budapest
  • Address: 1062 Dhibb, U.29, Budapest, Hungary
  • Tel: (00361) 342-5583 / 342-9922 / 343-0963
  • Fax: (361) 342 5583 / (361) 342 9922
  • Website: www.vietnamembassy-hungary.ord
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday

  • All the contact information of Vietnam Embassy in Hungary given above are not completely up-to-date. This is because this contact detail is continually updated. Thus, if Hungarian people do not comprehend and identify any error, please contact the embassy to make recommendations and include further information instantly.

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