Useful Information Of Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Irish Citizens

Ireland is among countries benefiting from the visa on arrival of Vietnam. Despite the fact that the new visa system yet has been released since 2000, many travelers are still confusing about the information and how to apply for a Vietnam visa for Ireland.

The demand of traveling from countries to countries has been increasing recently. Governments of nations around the world are making efforts to give more conveniences of traveling for their citizens as well as foreign tourists.

In 2000, Vietnam Government decided to launch visa on arrival (VOA) – a new type of visa whose process is mainly based on the Internet and allows applicants to pick up the visa at the arrival airport. Travelers do not have to visit the embassy directly and complete a boring visa process there.

How to get Vietnam visa on arrival

VOA visa Vietnam enables you to hire a third party such as to help you complete the procedure fast and easily. The introduction of visa on arrival is an ideal solution for those who want to avoid driving frequently to the embassy as well as its complex procedures. Instead of having to come to the embassy or consulate to request a Vietnam visa, submit in person and return to receive a visa; now with an Internet connection, you can easily apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival application from your home or anywhere else. Moreover, the way to conduct the process of Vietnam visa is quite simple as it just includes three easy steps.

First, you have to enter your personal information on the Vietnam visa application form and make payment for the service. If the submission and the payment are successful, you will receive a Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter for confirmation. In this step, you also need to print all the documents, prepare at least two 4cmx6cm photographs and stamping fees. When arriving at the International airports in Vietnam (Noi Bai, Da Nang, Cam Ranh and Tan Son Nhat airport), you are expected to present all essential documents you prepared in advance to the officers of the Vietnam Immigration Department. After 15 minutes of processing, your names will be called and you need to proceed to receive your visa to Vietnam.

If you do not know about the Vietnam visa on arrival requirement for Irish citizens, applying one at the Vietnamese Embassy may help you avoid unexpected issues at the arrival airport. 

Obtain a visa at the Vietnam Embassy

A visa issued by the embassy ensures that you will have your Vietnam visa before getting on the plane and it is applicable for all means of transport. Unlike the process of VOA in Vietnam, the embassy requires you to visit at least one or two times to complete the procedures. Disadvantages of this method are that you have to bring along with your passport during the process of getting visa and wait for at least five working days to receive your passport and Vietnam visa. Additionally, the overcrowding of many applicants at embassy usually makes you feel dull and tired, especially if you do not have time as well as do not want your travel schedule to be affected by the time spent at the embassy.

Now Irish inhabitants can contact not only the Embassy of Vietnam in Ireland, but also the Vietnamese Embassy in London for Vietnam visa information and assistance. Hope the information and instructions above would be a useful help for Irish citizens as well as the people who stay far away from the Embassy of Vietnam in Ireland and want to visit Vietnam in a convenient way.

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