Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Israeli Citizens

Vietnam Government has shown their desire for strengthening defense ties with Israel. Also, there is a lot of Vietnamese working in Israel, and Israel has also offered humanitarian aid to Vietnam in several events. The two countries actively collaborate in many fields such as agriculture, information technology and biotech, cultural exchanges and tourism as well. In particular, Israelis who intend to pay a visit to Vietnam can now simply apply for a Vietnam visa Israel at the Embassy of Vietnam in Tel Aviv.

It is evident that visa is one of the most important documents when visitors travel to another country, especially to Vietnam. If Israeli passport holders wish to come to this country, you will be asked to present a valid visa, regardless of your travel purposes, from traveling to doing business or visiting friends and relatives as well.

How to get a Vietnam visa at the embassy?

Once Israelis come to Vietnam Embassy, you will have to follow visa requirement to Vietnam to get your Vietnam visa. You need to prepare a passport with at least six-month validity, an application form with your signature and a photo attached to the form, some of your recent Vietnam visa passport photos taken within six months from the application date.

Before traveling to the embassy, Israeli residents are recommended to contact the embassy first to find out correct information in terms of its procedure and fees. The purpose of this step is to avoid any misunderstanding as each Vietnam Embassy will have different ways of processing the visa and charge visa applicants different fees. Moreover, you will have to send your visa application form of Vietnam in person or by post to the Embassy of Vietnam in Tel Aviv. In some certain cases, you must have a representative to submit the application on your behalf. Also, you need to send every necessary document at the same time to the Vietnam Embassy. The application form will be invalid if you miss any of the requirement.

Visitors are advised to not book any plane ticket during the time your visa is processed because, in some circumstances, the Vietnam Embassy may deny or extend your visa request. If your visa application was rejected and you cannot board the plane, the Embassy of Vietnam will not take any responsibility for this. One more thing Israel inhabitants should keep in mind is that once the Vietnam visa is issued and you would like to make any adjustment about extending the remaining duration, you have to apply for a visa renewal. In addition, the charge for the stamping fee at Vietnam Embassy is nonrefundable.

Israeli travelers may easily use the contact info of the Vietnam Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel below to seek for more details about how to get a Vietnam visa for Israel from the Embassy of Vietnam in Israel.

  • City: Tel Aviv
  • Address: 4th floor, Beit Asia - 4 Weizman Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Phone: 03-6966304; 03-6966311
  • Fax: 03-6966243
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • An ideal method to apply Vietnam visa online - Vietnam on arrival visa

    Meanwhile, in an attempt of Vietnam Government to make it easier for Israeli passport holders to get Vietnam visa, Israelis can now apply for a new method of acquiring visa known as visa on arrival (VOA).

    There are many advantages that travelers can benefit once choosing this kind of visa. Firstly, you do not have to send your passport to the Vietnam Embassy. As a result, you can reduce the chances of losing your passport along with other documents during the transference. Furthermore, this method of acquiring visa is quite convenient for the people residing far from the Embassy of Vietnam because it is no longer necessary for you to drive to the closest embassy. You only have to fill in an online application form and choose a reliable travel company like to do everything on your behalf.

    For more information about how to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival and its advantages, travelers could see at Vietnam visa guide.

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