An Efficient Visa System - Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Japanese Citizens

Vietnamese Immigration Department has made it more convenient for tourists to obtain Vietnam visa Japan with the launch of a new online visa system called Vietnam visa on arrival.

In 2000, the Vietnam Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security officially approved and introduced a brand new visa type for foreign travelers who visit Vietnam for different purposes like traveling, doing business, or visiting relatives. This system is a legal administrative procedure playing a critical role in expanding the international integration trend between Vietnam and numerous regions around the globe.

Important notes for Japanese when applying for a Vietnam on arrival visa

This new visa system allows residents from foreign countries to officially register online for a Vietnam visa application easily from their home or anywhere else with an Internet connection, without driving to the embassy of the country which they are traveling to. Although the process of getting a Vietnam visa on arrival in Vietnam airport is straightforward; you still have to satisfy these standard Vietnam visa requirements for Japanese citizens if you want to obtain this visa type successfully:

  • VOA Vietnamese is applied for traveling by plane, and applicants only have their Vietnam visa when you arrive at International airports in Vietnam.
  • The origin passport of candidates has to have a validity of at least six months from the travel date, not the date of making the application.
  • Vietnam Visa On Arrival - Visa On Arrival For Japanese Citizens

    The Japanese citizens can hire a third party like to assist them in completing the procedure and saving much of the precious time. You are required to fill out your personal information in the Vietnam visa application form first and then make payment for the service. Greenvisa accepts all types of major bank cards, even Paypal. Subsequently, you need to wait for two days or only 4 hours to get a visa on arrival Vietnam approval letter sent to your email and then, before flying, you need to print it out and prepare all other documents, two passport-sized photos for the next procedure in the arrival airports. After long hours on the plane, you need to present all relevant items prepared to the officers of the Vietnam Immigration Department at the airport and pay some cash for the stamping fee Vietnam visa. After that, you will receive their Vietnam visa after hearing the officers call out your name. This final stage usually takes around 15 minutes.

    Details about Vietnam Embassy visa for Japanese tourists

    In order to make sure to have a visa for Vietnam in hands before traveling and avoid being declined at the airport, Japanese travelers can choose to grab a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan. No matter which Vietnam Embassy the applicants make their visa application in, all the requirements are the same at each embassy. You need to take their passport with them during the process. You can submit their application in person at the Vietnam Embassy or by post. The embassy needs five working days to process the visa and sometimes requires you to visit more than once if there is any trouble. This method though requires longer than getting a visa on arrival and demands the presence of applicants; it ensures travelers certainly have their Vietnam visa before coming to Vietnam and as a result, applicants will not meet any difficulty at Vietnamese airports.

    More information relating to Vietnam visa for Japanese citizens can be obtained at Vietnam Embassy in Tokyo:

  • Represented: Vietnam
  • Country Located: Japan
  • City: Tokyo
  • Address: Tokyo 151, JAPAN – 50-11, Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku
  • Phone: (813) 3466 3313; 3466 3314; 3481 6354; 3466 3311
  • Fax: (813) 3466 3313; (813) 3466 3314; (813) 3481 6354; (813) 3466 3311
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m
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