Vietnam visa On arrival For Jordanian citizens Traveling By Plane

Vietnam has officially confirmed that Jordanian passport holders need to acquire a legitimate Vietnam visa Jordan from the Vietnam Immigration Department to begin their journey to Vietnam.

Vietnam has developed diplomatic ties with nearly 170 countries and territories all over the world. Thus, Vietnam visa policy has laid down many Vietnam visa requirements for Jordanian citizens to utilize. Jordanian citizens are advised to get in touch with the embassy to get all the info in terms of visa to Vietnam.

Visitors coming from Jordan can obtain their Vietnam visa in two ways. The first method is to go to the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam and the second option is to contact a Vietnam visa on arrival agent such as who is experienced in acquiring a VOA for foreigners intending to visit Vietnam. Before starting the procedure of getting visa, you have to make sure that you have a valid passport. The passport is regarded as a legitimate document if it maintains the valid status for more than six months from the end date of your trip. The passport is also required to have at least two empty pages for stamping the visa.

How to get Vietnam visa from Embassy of Vietnam

Until now, Jordanian inhabitants still do not have the advantage of a Vietnam Embassy. Therefore, the procedure of making an application for a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam gets a bit tiresome and time-consuming. Applicants can follow the process of getting embassy visa below.

Because of the fact that there is no Embassy of Vietnam in Jordan, you have no other choice but to travel to the embassy located in other nations like Iran, Egypt, and Israel, etc. However, you have to visit the embassy website first to understand the procedure before beginning submitting a Vietnam visa application. Then, you are required to send all of the necessary documents as well as the fee for processing visa to the embassy via a postal service. It takes the Vietnam embassy about five to seven business days to handle your visa request. Moreover, Jordanian visitors are allowed to enter Vietnam through all the means of transport with this type of visa.

Easily apply for visa on arrival in Vietnam with the help of

On the other hand, Vietnam on arrival visa is the quickest method of obtaining a visa. Because Jordan does not have its own Vietnam embassy, acquiring an embassy visa is extremely time-consuming and costly as well. A better option for Jordanians would be to go with visa on arrival. You should keep in mind that Vietnam VOA is only appropriate for journey via air route. For land and waterways, you must obtain a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam.

In order to get VOA, you have to complete a Vietnam visa on arrival online application form and pay the involved fee. This full procedure is internet based which means you can do it right at your home. The Vietnam visa cost for Jordanian citizens will be determined by the visa type you want and the duration of your stay in this country. After that, you need to wait for two business days to receive a VOA Vietnam letter of approval which will be sent to your email. Once you reach any international airport in Vietnam, you will get Vietnam visa on arrival for Jordanian citizens after this approval letter is confirmed.

It is no doubt that visa on arrival Vietnam has been a big help for travelers to get Vietnam visa Jordan with ease. You can easily get access to our Greenvisa service to get more details and make an application for visa to Vietnam.

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