Vietnam visa On Arrival for Kazakhstani Citizens - How To Get Vietnam Visa Directly In Kazakhstan

If you are a Kazakhstani traveler, you need to have a valid Vietnam visa for Kazakhstan to get into this country. Nowadays, there are two major straightforward methods that can help you acquire this document: applying for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Kazakhstan or obtaining a Vietnam visa online.

How can Kazakhstani citizens apply for a visa Vietnam by the traditional way?

Vietnam has opened its embassies in more than 70 nations across the globe, including Kazakhstan. That is why Kazakhstani inhabitants who plan to pay a visit to Vietnam can come directly to the embassy and apply for a visa to Vietnam.

In order to obtain this type of visa, applicants need to fill in required forms first, submit relevant documents and then settle the payment for mandatory fees. You need to keep in mind that having a valid passport with at least six months of validity is a must unless you want to be rejected by the Vietnam Immigration Department. During the visa processing time, you will be asked to complete the Vietnam visa online application form, mention the place where to apply for Vietnam visa as well as the address of receiving it. Apart from the Vietnam visa on arrival document required, you also have to hand in your passport, a self-addressed envelope, and one photo which is taken within six months from the date you make the application.

Moreover, you will be required to submit the fees for the embassy to process your visa. You should remember that these fees can be varied from embassy to embassy, so it is essential to check with the Embassy of Vietnam before arriving. It then takes the Vietnam Embassy about five business days to process the documents. After that, you will get your visa stamped onto your passport if there is nothing wrong.

If Kazakhstani residents are looking for the location of Vietnam Embassy in Kazakhstan, please refer to the information of the embassy below.

  • Address: "Arman" Business Center, 6 Sary-Arka Str., Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Tel: +7 7172 660375
  • Fax: +7 7172 660379
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Web:
  • An alternate option for remote Kazakhstanis

    However, one of the drawbacks of getting visa Vietnam at the embassy is that the procedure is not convenient for people who reside far from the embassy location. It would be hard for them to travel back and forth between their home and the Vietnam Embassy several times. In addition, there are other disadvantages of requesting a Vietnam visa through the embassy. You will have to send your original passport to the embassy, and there are chances that you might lose your document through this process. Also, the embassy takes a longer time to handle all the documents.

    In this case, the Kazakhstani who are currently living far away from the Vietnam Embassy can opt for another option of getting Vietnam visa; it is visa on arrival for Vietnam. To apply for this kind of visa, you can get in touch with a travel agency based in Vietnam. Then, you just need to complete an online application form and submit it as well as settle the payment for processing your visa. After your visa request is approved, a Vietnam VOA approval letter will be sent to you via email. Travelers are advised to check this document carefully to find out if there has any mistake so the agency can fix it immediately. Then, you need to print it out before traveling to Vietnam. Once arriving at any of Vietnam international airports, you are required to provide your approval letter as well as the Vietnam visa stamping fee at the Visa on arrival counter to collect your Vietnam visa.

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