Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Kenyan Citizens To Legally Enter Vietnamese Territory

The Government of Vietnam has made it a compulsion for the people in Kenya to obtain a lawful Vietnam visa Kenya in order to start their trip to Vietnam.

The visa policy of Vietnam has provided a visa-free stay to merely 17 countries; however, Kenya is not one of them. For that reason, the people here ought to acquire a visa for making even small trips to Vietnam and vice versa. Kenyan inhabitants are encouraged to make contact with the Vietnam Embassy to find out all the information regarding Vietnam visa requirements for Kenyan citizens.

Currently, you can get your visa to Vietnam through two means. The first method is to visit the Vietnam Consulate or Embassy while the second method is to get in touch with a government-registered agency in Vietnam like Greenvisa who has lots of experience in helping foreigners obtain visa on arrival Vietnam.

Applying for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy

Until now, people of Kenya do not have the main advantage of an inland Vietnam Embassy. Therefore, the process of applying for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy may get a bit time-consuming plus expensive.

You have no other choice but to go to the embassy located in nearby countries such as Tanzania because there is no Embassy of Vietnam in Kenya at the moment. You should visit the embassy’s website to find out the process before starting requesting a visa. Then, you are obliged to deliver all related documents as well as the fee for processing visa to the embassy through a postal service. After that, you have to wait about 5 to 7 days to to get a visa to Vietnam.

Making an application for VOA Vietnam

Meanwhile, Vietnam visa on arrival for Kenyan citizens is the fastest method to get a visa to Vietnam. Because Kenya does not have a Vietnam Embassy, getting a visa at the embassy is very costly and takes a lot of time. A much better choice for Kenyans would be to opt for Vietnam visa VOA. You should bear in mind that this type of visa is only for visitors coming to Vietnam by airplane. For land and waterways, individuals have to acquire a visa at the Vietnam Embassy.

To obtain Vietnam visa on arrival, you must fill in a web-based visa application form of Vietnam and settle the payment. This entire procedure can be performed right at your home with the help of a computer connected with the internet. The Vietnam visa price for Kenyan citizens shall be decided by the kind of visa you apply for and the length of your stay in Vietnam. Following that, you need to wait for just 2 days to get a visa on arrival approval letter Vietnam which will be sent to your registered email. Once you arrive at one of the international airports in Vietnam, you will have your visa stamped after the approval letter is verified. You can also choose the Vietnam visa on arrival fast track service such as which will help you obtain the visa stamped without getting in line at the airport.

For more detailed instruction on how to avoid having problems when getting Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport, you can access Greenvisa website when clicking here.

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