Latvians Now Can Pick Up Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Latvian Citizens Right In Their Country

Vietnam is ready to enhance the relationship in all aspect with Latvia, and it will be favorable conditions for Latvian travelers choosing Vietnam as a great destination for their trip.

Vietnam immigration Government policies regulated that most of the citizens in the world must have a visa before coming to Vietnam, except the residents coming from Vietnam visa exempt countries. Thus, you should carefully check the visa policy of Vietnam to know whether your nation are in the exemption list or you are obligated to get Vietnam visa. It will help you stay away from a lot of problems during your entry.

Latvia is one of the 26 countries in Europe forming the Schengen area which has no border controls between them. Nevertheless, visa also is the required document which Latvian must prepare prior to coming into Vietnam.

From Latvia, travelers are able to select two options in order to pick up Vietnam visa Latvia.

Apply for visa for Vietnam on arrival For Latvian Citizens

The first way is applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. It takes applicants about two working days or one to two hours for urgent service. This visa type is beneficial for Latvian who have the plan to travel to Vietnam by airway or live in the nation where Vietnam Embassy is too far to reach. 

Getting visa Vietnam on arrival does not require document and original passport. You must show your information by filling out the online application form with full details including full name, nationality, date of birth, gender, and passport number. The Vietnam VOA approval letter granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department will be sent through your email.

Apply for visa in Vietnam Embassy or Consulate

Another way to get Vietnam visa is applying at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. It is about five to seven operation days. The required documents include original passport, application form enclosed with one photo and visa fees. However, the procedures and fees are varied from Embassy in each country. Hence, you should get in touch with Vietnam Embassy to know more specific Vietnam visa information.

Unfortunately, there is no information about Vietnam Embassy in Latvia so far. Thus, Latvian are able to obtain a visa by visiting in person the closest Vietnam Embassy in the neighboring countries or apply for a visa Vietnam on arrival.

Each visa type has some different advantages and disadvantages. If you tend to arrive in Vietnam by airway, you can pick up visa on arrival to stay away from lengthy procedures with the embassy and save a lot of time. Green visa is here to help Latvian travelers shorten the process of getting a visa to Vietnam with services which is professional and easy to follow. Concerned Latvian can click here to get more information of our services.

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