Procedure Of Getting Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Liechtenstein Citizens

If you are a citizen of Liechtenstein, it is unfortunate that you cannot request a Vietnam visa Liechtenstein from the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate since there is no Vietnam representative office in Liechtenstein currently.

Good news is that Liechtenstein citizens can apply for a visa on arrival - another way of getting Vietnam visa that allows you to have permission to enter Vietnam. This type of visa was launched by the Vietnamese Government to ease the complexity and inconvenience of visa-obtaining procedure at the embassy and assist travelers in getting a visa to Vietnam without any hassle.

Detailed guidelines on how to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival Liechtentein

Once you decide to go for this visa type, you need to find a reliable travel company who can support you in acquiring your visa such as Greenvisa. Then, you are required to complete a Vietnam visa application form on the Internet including your name, passport number. Also, your arrival date must be filled the same as what is written in your passport, or else your visa application will be denied. After that, you need to select the visa options and pay the service fee.

By submitting the compulsory details and paying the Vietnam visa fee, our agency will then start to process Vietnam visa on arrival for Liechtenstein citizens. It usually takes about 2 business days in normal case for your visa request to be handled. After that, a VOA letter of approval Vietnam will be delivered to your email. When you receive this document, you are advised to carefully check it to find out if there is any mistake so that it can be fixed instantly.

Once arriving at the Vietnam international airport, you have to go straight to the Vietnam visa on arrival counter to finish the procedure. You are required to follow the Vietnam visa requirements for Liechtenstein citizens by providing your Vietnam visa approval letter in paper, a valid passport with the validity of 6 months or more, and 2 photographs taken within 6 months.

Once you present all relevant documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department, you will be asked to fill out the entry and exit form which is available at the airport. You had better prepare some money in cash to pay for the stamping fee Vietnam visa. After settling the payment, a red visa stamp will be included in your passport. Then, you need to follow the direction signs at the airport to go to the luggage lounge, collect your baggage and enjoy your trip to Vietnam.

Advantages of getting visa on arrival in Vietnam

Now let’s take a look at the benefits Liechtenstein travelers can have when choosing visa on arrival Vietnam.

  • Skipping the part when you have to send your passport away
  • Everything is performed online with the help of a computer connected to the Internet
  • Saving lots of time from traveling to the Vietnam Embassy
  • Taking only a short period to request a Vietnam VOA
  • No dealing with the Immigration Department
  • Convenient for those who live far from the Vietnam Embassy
  • For more information relating to Vietnam visa on arrival, you can visit official site.

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