It is unfortunate that citizens of Luxembourg cannot request a Vietnam visa Luxembourg in their country since there is no Vietnam embassy or consulate in Luxembourg right now. Therefore, you have to opt for another method of getting visa if they want to visit Vietnam.

Apart from applying for visa at the Vietnam embassy, another favored choice among other options that are worth mentioning is visa on arrival. This type of visa is released by the Vietnamese government to help you reduce the time and effort to move back and forth between your place and the embassy of Vietnam in your country. It is also convenient for those whose countries do not have Vietnam Embassy or Consulates like Luxembourg.

Three straightforward steps to get visa on arrival in Vietnam

In order to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport, Luxembourgish residents first need to get in touch with a Vietnam visa service that specializes in processing visa for foreigners such as Then, you are required to fill in an online application which includes your personal information and the date of your arrival. The next phase is to pay the visa fee for Vietnam visa which can be charged by Paypal, Visa card or Mastercard and wait for your visa application to be processed.

It takes only two days for the travel agency you hire to handle your visa request, and an approval letter will be sent to you via your email. This letter is an official document from the Vietnam Immigration Department that permits you not only to board the airplane but also to acquire the Vietnam visa stamp at the air terminal.

When you arrive at one of the international airports in Vietnam, you are required to show your passport with at least six-month validity, visa on arrival approval letter Vietnam which has been printed out, two photographs in standard size. The entire process will be completed, and you will receive your visa to Vietnam once you pay for the visa stamping fee Vietnam.

Some great advantages of VOA Vietnam that Luxembourgish citizens can gain

A benefit that travelers can reap from choosing this way of obtaining visa Vietnam is that there is no need for you to send your original passport to the embassy. This could help you avoid the risk of losing your passport through the delivery process. Moreover, visa on arrival can assist Luxembourgish residents in saving the time and effort to travel to the embassy of Vietnam in neighboring countries since everything is completely performed on the Internet. Working with the Vietnam Immigration Department is no longer a problem for the travelers because the travel company you hire will do it on your behalf. is an authorized company and focuses on different Vietnam visa services for inhabitants of foreign nations all over the globe. Our team has much experience in supporting travelers to finish the procedure of acquiring a visa Vietnam in a short time with the affordable price. For more Vietnam visa on arrival information, Luxembourgish can visit our homepage to get additional details.

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