Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Macau Citizens Coming To Vietnam By Airplane

Nowadays, all Macau citizens have to hold a Vietnam visa Macau prior to visiting and enjoying their trip in Vietnam. Thanks to the new visa policy of Vietnam Government, foreign travelers around the world are able to obtain a visa to Vietnam easier than before.

You can apply for a visa in the traditional way at the Vietnam Embassy or choose to get a Vietnam visa on arrival for Macau citizens. In general, obtaining VOA in Vietnam is more convenient and easier than requesting visa at the embassy.

Obtaining Vietnam on arrival visa at the airport

Up to now, the Vietnam Government allows you to hire a government-registered agency like Greenvisa in order to help you get a Vietnam approval letter on your behalf. This letter is one of the necessary documents to request VOA visa Vietnam. You can use it to get your visa stamped at one of the four Vietnam international airport including Noi Bai airport, Da Nang airport, Cam Ranh airport and Tan Son Nhat airport. If all of your documents are legal, you will be able to get a Vietnam visa.

Nevertheless, visa on arrival Vietnam is applicable for Macau visitors who get into the country by air way only. If you plan to visit Vietnam by other means of transport, you have to apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate and follow Vietnam visa requirements for Macau citizens there.

Requesting a Vietnam visa from the Embassy of Vietnam

If you want to get your visa stamped traditionally (at the embassy), you will be required to bring your passport and important documents to visit the Embassy of Vietnam directly. The required documents consist of a completed application form for Vietnam with signature and personal photo, a passport, other forms if the embassy requires and money for Vietnam visa fee Macau. On the other hand, you can send all of those documents by postal mail. However, it can lead to some document-losing problems.

You should remember that the application form must be sent at the same time with other necessary documents to the Vietnam Embassy. However, please take note that if your Vietnam visa application is refused, you can’t receive the refund.

Unluckily, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Macau until now. As a consequence, you need to visit the Embassy of Vietnam in neighboring nations in order to obtain your visa.

All in all, on arrival visa Vietnam is still the excellent choice for those who want to save their time and money instead of waiting about one week to obtain a visa at the embassy. You don’t have to send your passport and relevant documents away. Not only that, but you can also easily finalize all of the processes through the internet. Besides, the Greenvisa company will deal with the Immigration Department of Vietnam on your behalf and send back the Vietnam VOA letter via your personal email.

It is no doubt that Vietnam VOA has been a big help for travelers to get Vietnam visa Macau with ease. You can easily get access to our Greenvisa website to get more information as well as make an application for Vietnam visa.

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