Nowadays there is an increase of travelers going to Vietnam thanks to the effort of Vietnam government in enhancing the tourism sector. Also, as covered under the Vietnam visa policy, it is necessary for international visitors including Macedonian to own a valid Vietnam visa Macedonia to come to Vietnam.

Vietnam and Macedonia have great democratic relations, and therefore there are some exemptions for a visa that are developed in the visa policy of Vietnam. If you get acquainted with the identity and exemptions applied to them, the procedure will become simpler for you.

However, the Vietnam visa is a required document for Macedonian passport holders coming to Vietnam for both business and tourist purposes since this country is not in the Vietnam visa exemption list. Fortunately, it is fairly simple nowadays for Macedonian citizens to obtain Vietnam visa thanks to two convenient methods you can apply to go on this matter. You can ask for visa personally at Vietnam Embassy or request for a visa on arrival (VOA Vietnam).

Comprehensive guide to apply for visa on arrival in Vietnam

Each type of visa has a few advantages and disadvantages. Visa on arrival is beneficial for people who live far away from Vietnam Embassy or get tired of waiting for hours or moving a long distance to obtain a visa. Also, it assists you in avoiding issues of missing your passport or important documents. In addition, visa on arrival for Vietnam is faster processing, low-cost, and more flexible payment way.

Macedonian passport holders can finalize three steps to get visa on arrival Vietnam. The first thing of the procedure is filling Vietnam visa application form. You can access to the website of Greenvisa company: to compete the form there and make payment for the processing fee. Then, you can quickly get approval letter which is sent via your personal email in 4-8 hours for urgent service or 2 working days for normal service. Lastly, you must present your passport, a copy of visa on arrival approval letter Vietnam, two personal photos and pay for stamping fee Vietnam visa to obtain visa attached on your passport at the Vietnam international airport.

Nevertheless, Vietnam visa on arrival is just applied for Macedonian inhabitants who visit Vietnam by air only. In the event you desire to enter Vietnam by other means of transport, you need indeed to request for Vietnam visa at embassy.

Procedures of getting visa for Vietnam at the embassy or consulates

The process of obtaining this kind of visa is fairly complicated and requires applicants more time. You have to go to Vietnam Embassy directly or send your passport and relevant documents there by post. It typically is five to seven working days for processing your visa. However, the intercontinental post will add the waiting time and cost visa Vietnam to the procedure.

The fees and procedures of Vietnam visa are varied from every single embassy. Therefore, Macedonian passport holders must get in touch with Embassy of Vietnam directly to get more details. In some situations, the application process is failed because of losing passport and relevant documents.

In spite of the great relations shared by Macedonia and Vietnam, there is no Vietnam Consulate or Embassy in Macedonia, so that this makes the process of getting a Vietnam Embassy visa more tedious and lengthy. In this case, choosing the Vietnam visa on arrival service is an ideal option for Macedonian travelers. At Greenvisa, we proudly provide you with best online Vietnam visa service with the great support from experienced and dedicated staff.

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