Visa is one of the most important things which foreigners need to prepare before coming to Vietnam, including Maldivians citizens.

According to Vietnam immigration policies, almost citizens of all nations around the world have to get a visa to Vietnam before arriving in this country, except residents whose countries are named in the Vietnam visa exemption list. All citizens need to check thoroughly if their country is in the Vietnam exemption list. If not, they are required to apply for a Vietnam visa before entering the country.

From Maldives, you can get a Vietnam visa Maldives in two options:

Getting Vietnam visa at the embassy

Presently, there is no information about the Embassy of Vietnam in Maldives. As a consequence, Maldivians must visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy in surrounding countries and apply visa for Vietnam.

Obtaining a Vietnam visa from Vietnam Embassy or Consulates takes applicants 3 - 5 days for processing. Some necessary documents for Vietnam Embassy visa application includes original passport, visa application form attached with signature and one passport photograph as well as cost of visa to Vietnam.

Obtaining visa on arrival in Vietnam

Visa on arrival is a type of visa which is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department and can be received at the arrival airport in Vietnam.

If Maldivian travelers decide to enter Vietnam by air, Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport is very ideal for them. This service helps travelers avoid long processes at the local embassy as well as save a lot of time and money because it just takes applicants about two days or just a few hours for processing. This visa type is very beneficial for those traveling by airplane or living far away from the Vietnam Embassy.

When deciding to apply for a Vietnam VOA, applicants do not have to send their travel documents away from their home. You just need to provide your personal details by entering the online application form your name, gender, date of birth, nationality and passport number, etc. After that, a Vietnam letter of approval granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department will be sent via your email at a given time. This letter allows you to get your Vietnam visa stamp at any Vietnam international airport.


Unlike the Vietnam visa made at the embassy or consulates, visa on arrival is obtained through the help of a travel agency because the Vietnam immigration department only permits government-approved agencies to deal with them in arranging Vietnam approval letter.

Maldives is categorized to be a "special nation" in the list of the Vietnam Immigration Department. Therefore, the residents of Maldives are subject to a higher processing fee. If you are going to get on arrival visa Vietnam, you are advised to carefully check all of the necessary information and requirements for issuing visa of Vietnam Immigration Department before applying.

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