In accordance with the regulations of the Vietnam Immigration Department, almost residents of countries all over the world must obtain a visa before traveling to Vietnam, except for citizens whose nations are in the Vietnam visa exemption list.

Every visitor should confirm carefully if their country is in the exemption list. So he or she can decide whether to apply for a visa Vietnam or pre-arranged visa (visa on arrival approval letter Vietnam) before getting into the Vietnam's territory or not.

Visa is among the most crucial documents which Moldovan travelers are required to prepare prior to their trip to Vietnam. From Moldova, applicants can obtain Vietnam visa Moldova via two selections:

Acquiring a Vietnam visa from the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam

Essential documents for Vietnam Embassy visa application: a valid passport, visa application form attached with signature and one passport-sized picture as well as visa fees.

Unfortunately, there is not any information regarding the Vietnam Embassy in Moldova. Moldovans have two alternative options to obtain a visa to Vietnam from Moldova:

Travel to the closest Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries and submit an application for a Vietnam visa.

Utilize Vietnam visa on arrival through a travel agency

Visa on arrival in Vietnam is a type of visa released by the Vietnam Immigration Department and obtained at one of the international airports in Vietnam. This visa type is extremely useful for individuals traveling by aircraft and residing far from the Embassy of Vietnam. This service assists visitors in avoiding long procedures at the local embassy and also saving lots of time and money because they can get Vietnam visa on arrival airport with the processing time of two working days or just a few hours via Internet.

Once Moldovans decide to request a visa on arrival for Vietnam, there is completely no document as well as complicated procedures required. Moldovan inhabitants just have to provide the visa details by filling in the online application form their name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, visa type, travel date, or arrival airport, etc. When your application and payment are processed successfully, a VOA Vietnam letter of approval issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department will be sent through your email at a given time. This letter is not a full visa but a prerequisite because without it, you cannot board the plane and get your visa stamped. At the arrival airport in Vietnam, you just need to present this letter, your visa application as well as 2 photos and pay the stamping fee to the Immigration officers and wait for get your Vietnam visa stamp on your passport.

It does not matter you want to get a visa to Vietnam at the Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries or obtain an online visa through a travel agency; you should carefully confirm all of the essential details and criteria regarding issuing a visa to Vietnam from Vietnam Immigration Department.

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