A New Type Of Visa - Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Dutch Citizens

Visa is a necessity for coming to any countries. Nations generally have conditions for a visa, like the validity, the time a resident stay. Visa could be issued directly through an embassy or occasionally via a travel company together with the permission of issuing a visa.

Be among the most rapidly growing economies on the planet, Vietnam attracts state companies - especially in developed countries, including Netherlands – one of the most important markets of Vietnam economy. Vietnam and Netherlands have kept the long-term diplomatic relationship since 1973. Through two-sided trade agreements, Netherlands and Vietnam have experienced the substantial growth of both countries’ markets. In an effort to improve the development of the tourism to become a major sector of the market, Vietnam has been conducting plenty of promotional campaigns along with touristy occasions in Netherlands as well as other regions to display Vietnamese culture and attract more and more visitors.

Excellent news for Dutch travelers when Vietnam government formally approved a brand new visa system that enables foreigners from nearly 170 countries around the world to directly submit a visa on arrival for Vietnam via the Internet and collect it at Vietnam international airports. 

Since 2017, you have had two solutions to get a Vietnam visa in your countries. You can either get a Vietnam visa Netherlands that is legal at the Vietnam Embassy or sign-up on the internet to get a Vietnam visa on arrival Nederland through a travel company such as Greenvisa.

General info about Vietnam Embassy Netherlands visa

Whether you select a travel agency to support you to finish the processes or come to the embassy to apply visa to Vietnam by yourself, you must prepare documents that are essential and satisfy prime conditions from the embassy. The Embassy of Vietnam accepts to issue a visa for citizens visiting the country by all means of transport. However, you must travel to the nearest Vietnam Embassy to finish the processes and bring along with your passport. Complex and overcrowding process is inevitable when selecting this option. After five business days for regular cases and 1-2 days for emergency services, you will get a visa to Vietnam stamped at the embassy before getting on the airplane.

Here are some basic details of Vietnam Embassy in the Hague, Netherlands:

  • Represented: Vietnam
  • Country located: Netherlands
  • City: The Hague
  • Address: Nassauplein 12 2585 EB The Hague - The Netherlands
  • Phone: (00-31-70) 3648917, 3644300
  • Fax: 3648656
  • Official website: www.vietnamembassy.nl/
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

  • The contact information of the Embassy of Vietnam could be abruptly changed and updated every day. Netherlanders, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with the embassy to get extra details and needed support.

    Besides this visa type, you can also choose on arrival visa Vietnam as a substitute.

    Procedure of getting Vietnam visa on arrival Netherlands

    With the Internet connection, you can readily register an online Vietnam visa application at your home or anywhere else. Thanks to this, you do not have to drive to the Vietnam Embassy or deliver passport by post. Visa Vietnam on arrival offers applicants three simple steps to accelerate the processing time of getting a Vietnam visa and decrease the valuable time spending on waiting at the embassy. If you do not know more concerning this visa and how to begin with this type, you can consult the helpful guide below effortlessly:

    First, you have to complete the secure online Vietnam visa on arrival form using your private details, click here to download this form. You are recommended to fill out precise information which has to be the same to what is presented on your original passport because incorrect information may cause problems when dealing with the Immigration authorities. You can choose the form of payment and pay the charges after filling. We accept all main kinds of bank cards.

    You obtain the Vietnam approval letter which we will send you via email. Furthermore, you need to print mandatory PDF file and prepare some 4x6 pictures to attach to the following documents.

    Finally, when you get to international airports in Vietnam, you need to complete necessary documents. Furthermore, you have to show all your relevant files to the Immigration officers. After paying stamping fees, you can collect your visa.

    Dutch passport holders can choose the best process that provides flexibilities and conveniences to have a Vietnam visa for Netherlands between both of these choices.

    For more information about how to get an online visa for Vietnam, Dutch citizens can get access to our homepage at https://greenvisa.io/

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