Vietnam and Nigeria have had a great traditional relationship for years. Both of these countries had mutually exchanged high-rank official delegations. At present, bilateral cooperation frameworks continue to be perfect. Additionally, Vietnam today attracts more and more travelers from Nigeria.

Vietnam is on the top list of the exciting destinations of travelers. It is simply due to its dramatic landscapes, delicious food, fascinating history and pulsating energy. As a citizen from Nigeria, you are required to get Vietnam visa Nigeria to enter the country. At present, you have two options to get visa for Vietnam: visiting Embassy of Vietnam directly to make visa application or hiring a government-registered agency to obtain visa on arrival in Vietnam on your behalf.

Visa at Vietnam Embassy

If Nigerian decide to apply for a visa at the Embassy, here is the information of Vietnam Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria:

  • Address: No 9 River Niger Street, Off Danube Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Phone: (234-09)8703678; (234-09)8703679
  • Hotline: +234.8.137086724
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Generally, in order to request the Vietnam embassy visa, you need to submit your visa application, passport, two standard passport photos as well as the visa fee to the embassy and wait for the processing time of five to seven working days. The procedures and cost of visa to Vietnam are different from each embassy and consulate. So you should contact the embassy or consulate which you are going to apply for the visa Vietnam to get the most exact information.

    Visa on arrival Vietnam

    Another option for travelers who are rushed for time and do not want to send your passport away is getting a visa for Vietnam on arrival. This visa type allows you to complete its process online and get Vietnam approval letter through the assistance of a travel agency. You can access the website, fulfill the secure form, make payment of service fee and wait to receive your Vietnam VOA letter via email. This letter enables you to board a flight to Vietnam and pick up your visa for Vietnam at any of Vietnam international airports, including Noi Bai, Da Nang, Cam Ranh and Tan Son Nhat. Now there are several Vietnam visa services to obtain such as normal service or urgent service. You can choose the most suitable one for your demand and all of them takes you just a short time to get the Vietnam visa easily.

    One important thing Nigerian citizens should take note before applying for Vietnam on arrival visa is that this visa program only works for travelers arriving in Vietnam by airway. Nigerian who intend to enter Vietnam by sea or borderland should consider for another option.

    The travel visa for Vietnam (or tourist visa) is ideal for thirty or ninety days and can be extended after arriving in Vietnam. For those who want to leave and return to Vietnam, they can apply for the multiple entry visas. Besides, you need to state your intended ports of arrival and departure (such as arriving in Ha Hoi and departing from Ho Chi Minh City) and an anticipated travel date.

    To find out more Vietnam visa information as well as Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens, visitors can click here.

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