Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Omani Citizens

Visa is a must-have document for coming to any country, and Vietnam is not an exception. The country typically has requirements for visa like the period a citizen remain and its validity. Travelers can get visa directly at the embassy or via a government-registered traveling company.

Being one of the world's most fast-growing economies, Vietnam has attracted foreign businesses - particularly in developed countries, such as Oman – a country in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Vietnam and Oman founded diplomatic ties at the ambassadorial level from June 9th, 1992. In spite of the limited economic cooperation between Oman and Vietnam, there was clearly a quickly growing tendency to much stronger two-sided collaboration in investment, trade as well as gas and oil. In an effort to promote the increase of the tourism in order to become a main section in the economy, Vietnam has been carrying out a plenty of promotional campaigns along with touristy events in Oman and other locations to broadcast Vietnam culture and appeal a lot more overseas travelers.

Great news for Omani visitors when Vietnam government formally accepted a new online Vietnam visa system that allows travelers from nearly 170 countries around the world to apply for a Vietnam visa Oman via the Internet and directly pick up a visa to Vietnam at the airfields in Vietnam. Since 2017, you have had two selections to secure a Vietnam visa in your countries. You can obtain a lawful visa at the Vietnam Embassy or register online to take one.

Whether you visit the Vietnam Embassy to apply for a visa to Vietnam by yourself or choose a travel company to assist you in finalizing the steps, you need to prepare essential files and satisfy Vietnam visa requirements for Omani citizens.

Vietnam Embassy visa

Vietnam Embassy issues visa for those taking a trip by every method of transportation. However, you have to come to the nearest embassy and take along your passport to fulfill the steps. In addition, complex processes are unavoidable when selecting this method. After 5 business days for normal circumstances and 1 to 2 business days for urgent cases, citizens will receive Vietnam visa stamp at the embassy before your flight.

So far, there is no Consulate or Embassy of Vietnam in Oman. You can visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries including United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait and Iran to apply for visa.

Visa on arrival in Vietnam

With a straightforward procedure, travelers can have more benefits by choosing visa Vietnam on arrival than requesting a visa at the Vietnam Embassy. You can easily register visa application from anywhere with an Internet connection. You do not need to visit the Vietnam Embassy or send your passport by post, VOA in Vietnam provides applicants with three easy steps to speed up the time of obtaining a Vietnam visa and decline the time of queuing at the embassy. If wishing to know more about this visa type, as well as the method to begin with the form, you can consult this useful guideline:

Step 1: First, you are required to complete a secure form with personal details. You are suggested to fill out precise information which is similar to what is presented on your original passport because incorrect details can cause unwanted problems.

Step 2: You will obtain a visa on arrival Vietnam approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department. Thus, you will be requested to print essential PDF-file and bring at least two photos (4x6cm) to attach to these documents.

Step 3: Finally, you have to fulfill necessary papers when you arrive at international airports in Vietnam. Moreover, you must present all of your relevant documents to the Immigration officers. After that, you can collect your Vietnam visa once paying the stamping fee.

Omani residents can choose the best option of getting visa which offers flexibility and convenience from Oman. Kindly remember that the contact info of the Vietnam Embassy can be changed and updated every day, Omanis citizens please feel free to contact the Embassy of Vietnam to receive support and more details.

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