People in Palau intending to travel to Vietnam need to have a legit Vietnam visa Palau to enter the country. The development of the diplomatic relations and economics of Vietnam, as well as rich cultural heritage, brings in a massive number of travelers to come to Vietnam.

The country has opened its embassies in around 70 nations, but Palau is not included in this list. This makes the entire procedure of acquiring visa difficult for Palauan inhabitants. In order to obtain a Vietnam embassy visa, you will need to reach the Vietnam embassy in nearby countries. You can directly travel to the embassies in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. Each country has its distinct visa process which is slightly different from the others; you thus are suggested to comprehend these processes and choose the one that is the most ideal for you.

Besides trying to get a visa at the Vietnam embassy, an additional preferred method among other ones that is worth talking about is visa on arrival. This kind of visa is launched by the Vietnamese authorities to help visitors minimize the time as well as energy to travel to the Vietnam embassy in their nation. It is also handy for individuals whose countries do not have the embassy or consulate of Vietnam such as Palau.

How can Palauan residents get visa on arrival in Vietnam?

To acquire Vietnam visa on arrival, Palauan inhabitants have to contact with a Vietnamese government-registered agency that concentrates on handling visa for foreign visitors like Next, you have to complete a Vietnam visa online application form including your personal details as well as the arrival date. The next stage is to settle the payment which can easily be done with Mastercard, Paypal, or Visa card and then your visa application will be processed.

It generally takes two working days for the company you hire to deal with your visa request, and you will receive a VOA letter of approval Vietnam through your e-mail. This is an official document from the Vietnam Immigration Department that enables you not only to get on the plane but also gain the visa stamp at the airport in Vietnam.

When you reach the arrival airport in Vietnam, you have to provide your passport with more than six months of legitimacy, approval letter in paper, two photos in passport size. The whole procedure will be done, and you will get your Vietnam visa right after you settle the Vietnam stamping visa fee.

Several benefits of choosing VOA Vietnam

An advantage that visitors can easily get from choosing this method of acquiring Vietnam visa is that there is no need to submit your passport to the Vietnam embassy. This could allow you to stay away from the chances of missing your passport through the delivery process. Furthermore, visa on arrival can assist Palauan citizens in saving the time as well as energy to travel to the Embassy of Vietnam in nearby nations since everything is completely performed online. Dealing with the Vietnam Immigration Department is no longer a challenge for Palauan travelers as the agency you hire will do it for you.

For more info relating to Vietnam VOA or Vietnam visa requirements for Palauan citizens, Palauans can visit Greenvisa site. is a company specializing in various Vietnam visa service for residents of foreign nations around the world. The company has lots of experience in helping people carry out the process of getting a visa to Vietnam quickly.

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