How To Legally Get A Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Paraguayan Citizens

Paraguayan citizens are required to acquire a legitimate Vietnam visa Paraguay or an approval letter issued bу Vietnam Immigratіon Department before arriving at Vietnam.

Traditionally, Paraguayan residents could make an application for a Vietnam visa at the nearest Embassy or Consulates. In the technology era, you are allowed to apply visa for Vietnam online visa a travel agency from Vietnam. Using a Vietnam visa on arrival service of Greenν, you are fully assured to get Vietnam visa approval letter granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Currently, there are two methods available for Paraguayan passport holders who would like to make application for a Vietnam visa on arrіval. The first option is if you have your Vietnamese company partner who can ensure the purpose of your travel to Vietnam, you need to request a clearance letter from your Vietnamese partner and contact the travel agency to prepare for you the Vietnam Visa approval letter.

The second one is for Paraguayan passport holder who comes to Vietnam with tourist or other purposes without having a business partner in Vietnam to support them in receiving the clearance letter. In this circumstance, would be an ideal agency that can arrange a visa approval letter for Paraguayan.

Arranging a Vietnam approval letter online with Greenvisa agency

To get started with applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival online, you must submit the visa application online and pay for the visa service. Applicants can access to the website of Greenvisa company at and download the application form. A step-by-step guidance and support from Greenvisa will certainly help you complete the form quickly. The visa for Vietnam on arrival processing time lasts two days for regular cases and 4 to 8 hours for urgent cases. If the payment is successful and the application does not have any mistake, you will receive a visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department via your email. For more details of visa request, you can regularly log in your account at

After receiving the visa approval letter, you need to print it out and prepare some passport photos. After landing at the Vietnam airport, you are required to present your Vietnam VOA approval letter, necessary documents, two passport photos as well as pay for a visa stamping fee at the Visa on arrival counter of the Immigration Department.

Note: Vietnam visa on arrival information for Paraguayan passport holders may be different at any time; it is, therefore, advisable for Paraguayan to contact a reliable travel agency directly via e-mail or other methods to get the most updated information. To obtain a Vietnam visa on arrіval, you should carefully check your travel documents to ensure whether or not you satisfy Vietnam visa requirements such as at least two empty pages, and 6 months of legitimacy counting from the travel date to Vietnam.

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