In order to enhance bilateral relationships, Peru and Vietnam have signed important agreements on the developments of new cooperation between two governments.

Thanks to these relations, the two countries gained many benefits in boosting the economy, the growth and development of industrial and tourism sectors, for examples. Every year, Vietnam welcomes a large number of Peruvian visitors traveling to the country for tourist or business purposes.

Do Peruvians need to obtain a Vietnam visa Peru?

According to Vietnam policy on entry and exit formalities, Peruvian citizens wanting to enter Vietnam need to own a Vietnam visa Peru first. However, there are some cases in which you do not need to apply for Vietnam visa.

The first case is that Vietnamese Government has enacted a policy that enables foreign tourists to come to Phu Quoc island in less than 30 days without possessing Vietnam visa. Another case people do not need to obtain a visa to Vietnam is if their country is in the list of Vietnam visa exempted nations.

The residents coming from several countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Lao can stay in Vietnam not over 30 days without Vietnam visa. It is 21 days for Philippine citizens and 15 days for citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, and Finland.

How can Peruvians get a visa to Vietnam?

Regarding means of transport, Peruvian citizens can sign up visa Vietnam through two ways:

Traveling to Vietnam by airplane

Over the years, Peruvians who have wished to get a visa for Vietnam have to visit the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in their country to make a Vietnam visa application there. Nowadays, however, you have the ability to pick up visa Vietnam by airway through an online visa system called visa on arrival Vietnam. This visa type enables you to apply visa for Vietnam online, wait for the approval letter by the Vietnam Immigration Department via your email and obtain visa stamped on arrival at Vietnam international airport.

Until now, Vietnam governments permits foreigners to use visa on arrival at Vietnam airports only, and there is no visa arrival granted at land or sea borders. Additionally, you cannot request for Vietnam on arrival visa by themselves; you need to get in touch with a Vietnam government-registered agency for processing your visa on arrival in Vietnam.

Traveling to Vietnam by land or cruise

Vietnam Embassy or Consulates is still the only visa granting unit for foreigners traveling to Vietnam through land borders or seaports. To obtain a visa to Vietnam at the embassy, you need to apply directly or send your Vietnam visa application form, original passport, two recent passport-sized photos and stamping fee by postal mail to the embassy offices. The processing time is about five to seven working days. The procedures, as well as the visa cost for Vietnam, vary from each embassy, and you should contact the Vietnam Embassy directly in your country to get more details.

Up to now, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Consulates in Peru. Thus, applying for a for Vietnam visa on arrival legitimate with Greenvisa is a great choice for Peruvian citizens.

Having years of experiences in processing visa to Vietnam for foreigners from 163 countries all over the world, Greenvisa company provides professional Vietnam visa services to help travelers quickly get the visa Vietnam for a short time with the affordable price.

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