Utilizing Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Puerto Rican Citizens With Greenvisa

In case you are a Puerto Rican being about to travel to Vietnam, a legitimate visa is something you must have. The traditional way that can assist you in obtaining Vietnam visa Puerto Rico is requesting one at the Vietnam Embassy.

The government of Vietnam established more than 70 embassies in various countries all over the world. However, Puerto Rico is not one of these countries. Due to the fact that there are no Embassy or Consulates of Vietnam in Puerto Rico, travelers coming to Vietnam from Puerto Rico can choose to request a Vietnam visa in two ways. You can visit the closest Vietnam Embassy in other countries and submit your visa application there, or you can obtain a VOA Vietnam.

Visa Vietnam on arrival – a more economical and simpler method of obtaining visa for Vietnam

The traditional method of requesting a visa from the Embassy of Vietnam in nearby nations is not only inconvenient but also extremely time-consuming and costly. So another alternative which is more economical as well as simpler like visa on arrival is an ideal option for travelers who do not have time and live far away from the embassy. Not to mention applying for visa on arrival can be described as the fastest and most straightforward method to acquire a visa to Vietnam, its required procedures can be implemented right from your home with the help of the internet.

Instead of receiving the visa as soon as the processing time finishes at the embassy or consulates, you will receive a Vietnam visa approval letter from the Immigration Department after your submission and payment are done. You have to print out this approval letter and stick it to your passport. This official document enables you to get on board and arrive at Vietnam airport. You are required to hand in this letter together with other necessary documents to officers from the Immigration Department to get your visa stamped at the international airport in Vietnam.

Nevertheless, Puerto Rican visitors should be aware of significant demands to this visa type in order to avoid being denied because of an invalid visa at the Vietnam airport. You must make sure that you own a passport which has more than six months of validity. In addition, the information which you fill in the application form has to be the same as the info on your passport since the Immigration officers will reject any application containing wrong details.

Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival or embassy visa

So far, there is no Vietnam Embassy in Puerto Rico, thus making a request for a Vietnam visa on arrival with Greenvisa.io is one of the greatest options for those who want to easily get a Vietnam visa without having to drive to neighboring countries and going through sophisticated processes.

With over ten years of experience in handling Vietnam visa on arrival airports for people all over the globe, Greenvisa company guarantees to deliver foreign visitors high-quality services as well as support for acquiring a visa to Vietnam as quickly as possible. Puerto Rican citizens also can choose the Vietnam visa airport fast track service to skip the waiting time in front of the Visa on arrival counter.

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