Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Serbian Citizens

Getting a visa for Vietnam is an important step of preparation for a Vietnam travel that every person has to take first. Foreigners who desire to explore Vietnam ought to carefully check its visa procedures to prevent unforeseen problems.

Vietnam applied some of their particular visa policies to have a total control of the number of foreigners entering and leaving Vietnam. Each policy includes rigorous visa requirements for a specific number of nations and areas. Unfortunately, Serbia is a country that cannot utilize Vietnam vіsa exemption and Serbian passport holders certainly need to make an application for a Vietnam visa Serbia if they wish to come in Vietnam.

Apply for visa at the Vietnam visa embassy

You may find some difficulties with this method. According to Vietnam visa requirements for Serbian citizens, you first have to send your passport and necessary document to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Serbia and then wait for the confirmation from the embassy. You sometimes might feel unpleasant when your essential documents (passport or cash) are lost during the document transference as well as time and money spent for the long visa process at the embassy.

Unluckily, Vietnam has not established their embassy or consulate in Serbia yet. Therefore, you have to contact with the Vietnam Embassy in Romania (the nearest country in the area) for the visa application. Following are the address of Vietnamese Embassy in Romania that you can refer to apply for a Vietnam visa.

  • Address: C.A.Rosetti Str., 35, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania
  • Tel: +40-21-3110334 / +40-21-3111604
  • Fax: +40-21-3121626
  • Email: [email protected]

  • This method is inconvenient and not easy to conduct. Thus, you are highly suggested to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival for Serbian citizens.

    Apply for a visa on arrival for Vietnam via the internet

    This method is known as Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA). The procedures require you to complete an online Vietnam visa application form by filling in your details of personal information including name, passport number, arrival time, type of payment. After paying the Vietnam visa cost and wait for 2 business days, you are going to receive your Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter - the most critical document that allows you to get on arrival visa for Vietnam stamp at the airport.

    Convenient, affordable, fast and secure are four features of applying for a Vietnam visa online. By choosing visa on arrival Vietnam, you no need to send your passport or wait for a long time to get the confirmation from the embassy or consulate. This way assists you in decreasing the risk of losing crucial papers. Also, the service charge is relatively reasonable without hidden cost and extra fees. You can obtain a Vietnam visa letter on arrival using the urgent service which only takes from 30 minutes to 4 hours and it depends on how urgent you want.

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