Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Spanish Citizens

As a Spanish resident, you must initially own a Vietnam visa Spain first if you wish to have legal permission to stay in Vietnam.

Despite the fact that Spain and Vietnam have different customs and distinct cultures, two nations share much in common. Therefore, the officers at Vietnam Embassy have been trying to strengthen the friendship and alliance between both states, and do their best to assist Spanish inhabitants in discovering more about Vietnam.

Therefore, applicants can always get advice and assistance on how to get a Vietnam visa through the contact information of Vietnam Embassy in Spain:

  • Represented: Vietnam
  • Country Located: Spain
  • City: Madrid
  • Address: C/ Segre 5 28002 MADRID
  • Phone: 0034 91 5102867
  • Fax: 0034 91 4157067
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m
  • Generally, there are two options for you to obtain a visa for Vietnam: Vietnam Embassy visa or visa Vietnam on arrival.

    Acquire visa Vietnam at the embassy

    To get a Vietnam visa at the embassy, you have to visit the closest Embassy of Vietnam in your country and follow the instructions directly. This method is ideal for people who stay close to the embassy and have plenty of time before a flight as this visa type may take about a week to be obtained. It is worth saying that this sort of visa enables travelers to enter Vietnam by any means of transportation including by air, by cruise, or by crossing the border by land. Additionally, a Vietnam visa will likely be stamped onto your passport before arriving in Vietnam.

    Although applying for Vietnam visa at the embassy has some considerable advantages, there are several drawbacks of this method which make it difficult for you to get Vietnam visa. One of these disadvantages is that you have to send your documents by email or drive to the nearest embassies inside your area. It may require considerable time and effort for those living far from the Embassy of Vietnam to get the visa.

    You should take note that the costs for processing a Vietnam visa are different in each country. Consequently, it is necessary for you to check the payment before choosing to obtain your visa at Vietnam Embassy. And this method of getting visa may take about five working days to process the visa application.

    All of these above things can make it difficult for Spanish citizens to enter Vietnam. Hence, the Vietnamese authorities decided to set up a new visa system called visa on arrival which allows foreigners including Spanish to make a trip to this country easier than before.

    Apply Vietnam visa online - Visa on arrival for Vietnam

    This type of visa can be applied directly via the internet, at website. Thanks to this new method of getting visa, Spanish residents can avoid dealing with the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to carry out the complicated process. Instead of that, you can hire a 3rd party to do all the hard work on you behalf. Vietnam visa upon arrival airport is highly suggested for inhabitants who are presently residing far from the embassies. It is considered to be the legally easiest and fastest way to obtain Vietnam entry visa. It is significantly marked that Vietnam VOA does not work for all means of transport, except for airplane.

    The whole process to obtain a visa to Vietnam is quite easy (Based on Greenvisa LTC). You first need to choose the type of visa you want and complete a visa application form by filling in the same personal information which matches the information on your passport at official site

    After that, you have to make the payment and get confirmation via email instantly after filling in all required information. When you receive the confirmation of successful payment, we will process your Vietnam VOA approval letter, which usually takes around two business days to be done. Once the entire progress is completed, your Vietnam approval letter will be scanned and sent to your given email address. Also, you need to print this letter out before you come to Vietnam airfields.

    Finally, you need to bring along your Vietnam approval letter, some cash for the Vietnam visa stamping fee as well as two colored photos which have standard size 4x6 cm and present all of them to Immigration officers to get your Vietnam visa stamp at the Vietnam airport. 

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