Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Swedish Citizens

Visa is an important document if you want to officially enter or leave a nation because this endorsement helps the government of each nation control the number of foreign people coming to their country. The way to get a visa to Vietnam now is easier when there are two options for foreign citizens to choose and apply.

Apply visa on arrival for Vietnam

In 2000, Vietnam Government officially released a new type of visa called Vietnam visa on arrival for citizens from over 160 countries, including Sweden to come to Vietnam by air only. It is actually a visa applied online through a Vietnam visa travel agency and picked up right at the arrival airport. The presence of VOA (visa on arrival Vietnam, click here to see how it works) is a perfect solution for busy people who want to save time spending on completing complex procedures at the embassy. Nevertheless, the VOA also demands you to satisfy the essential requirements for obtaining a Vietnam visa Sweden if you want to avoid unexpected troubles during the process of getting a Vietnam visa.

  • Having a passport which has six months of validity from the date applicants start to travel.
  • VOA is applicable for moving by airplane only, and currently, there are only three international airports in Vietnam accept to process this new type of visa.

  • The number of tourists who choose to apply for visa on arrival in Vietnam is increasing because of its convenience and flexibility. By making an online visa Vietnam application with payment and wait for two working days to get a Vietnam VOA approval letter, Swedish citizens can easily get a Vietnam visa stamp at the airport with the help of

    However, you may get in trouble if you cannot meet some documental requirements. The officers of the Immigration will not approve the visa application if it contains unmatched information with what written on your original passport. In addition, because of a large number of applicants, in some cases, you have to get in line and wait a dozen minutes for getting your Vietnam visa stamped at the airport.

    For these above reasons, if you want to avoid unexpected problems when coming at the arrival airport, you can choose to apply for a visa at the embassy.

    Apply Vietnam visa at the embassy

    With this method, you have to visit the Vietnam Embassy in Sweden to request as well as submit an application in person. In some cases, you must drive to the embassy more than once to deal with problems during the process. The biggest drawback of this option is that it has long-time process and complicated procedures.

    Unlike on arrival visa Vietnam which offers urgent services and super urgent services for those wanting to obtain a visa just for one day or 4 hours, getting Vietnam visa at the embassy will take you about five working days to get your passport back together with a visa for Vietnam. Although getting Vietnam VOA visa may take people less time than obtaining the embassy one, it sometimes confuses applicants because of its new policies and requirements. Therefore, if Swedish citizens want to ensure to get a Vietnam visa before traveling and stay away from the rejection of an invalid visa, acquiring Vietnam visa at the embassy is an ideal solution.

    Swedish citzens can learn more about applying for Vietnam visa online in legal ways by visiting website:

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