Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Syrian Citizens To Get Permission To Visit Vietnam

The people of Syria are required to have a valid visa if they want to pay a visit to Vietnam. A popular method which can help travelers acquire a Vietnam visa Syria is by submitting a visa application at the Embassy of Vietnam.

Vietnam has opened over 70 embassies in various nations across the globe; however, Syria is not one of these nations. Since there are no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Syria at the moment, you have two options to get a visa for Vietnam. You can come to the nearest Vietnam Embassy in other nations such as Israel or Kuwait and make a Vietnam visa application there. However, if you don’t want to take advantage of this method, you can decide to get a Vietnam visa on arrival for Syrian citizens.

Basic guidelines for acquiring a Vietnam VOA

The conventional way of getting Vietnam visa from a Vietnam Embassy in close-by regions is not only inconvenient for those living far from the embassy but also takes a lot of time and charges high fees. On the other hand, visa on arrival is more cost-effective and straightforward. This kind of visa can be expressed as the quickest and most convenient solution to obtain a Vietnam visa, simply because all necessary processes can be executed straight from your living area with an internet connection.

Subsequently, you will acquire an approval letter from the Immigration Department of Vietnam. What you should do next is to print out this document and keep it with your passport. This letter permits you to board the airplane and reach the airport in Vietnam. Lastly, an officer from the Vietnam Immigration Department will stamp your visa into your passport at one of the four international airports in Vietnam once you settle the Vietnam visa fee for stamping. After that, you can enjoy a great journey to Vietnam for a maximum of one or three months determined by the type of visa.

Essential notes for getting visa on arrival in Vietnam airport

Nonetheless, you need to take note several Vietnam visa requirements for Syrian citizens so as to stay away from the chances of being denied by the Immigration officer due to an invalid visa. You ought to verify whether or not your passport is lawful for at least 6 months. Moreover, you should be careful with the info you fill in the Vietnam visa application. The officer from the Immigration Department will reject any application including details which do not match with what is written on the application form.

Up until now, you cannot find any Embassy of Vietnam in Syria. Therefore, requesting a Vietnam on arrival visa with a travel company like is a perfect choice for you if you want to obtain a visa to Vietnam without visiting the embassy in other nations and carrying out complex processes.

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