How To Get A Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Vatican Citizens

A valid Vietnam visa Vatican is a required paper for those planning to make a trip to Vietnam because their country is not named in the Vietnam visa exemption list. As a result, it is essential for you to acquire a visa even for short trips to Vietnam.

Vietnam introduced some of their own visa regulations to fully manage the entering and exiting of foreigners coming to Vietnam. Each policy consists of Vietnam visa requirements for a particular number of nations and territories.

It is unfortunate that Vatican is a country which cannot reap the benefits of the Vietnam visa exemption. Therefore, Vatican residents must make an application for a Vietnam visa for Vatican if they would like to legally travel to Vietnam.

Apply visa Vietnam at the Embassy/Consulate

Vatican citizens can have several problems with this way to get Vietnam visa. First of all, you must submit your original passport as well as necessary documents to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. Next, you have to spend time waiting for the announcement from the embassy. Sometimes you might feel extremely uncomfortable with the possibility of losing your significant documents when giving them away as well as you will waste lots of time and money traveling to the embassy.

Up to now, there is no Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam which is opened in Vatican yet. As a consequence, you need to get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries for applying for a Vietnam visa Vatican. This approach is complicated, inconvenient, and difficult to carry out. For these reasons, you are advised to go for Vietnam visa on arrival airport which is considered as an ideal alternative.

Apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival

The processes for getting this visa type will take you only a few minutes to complete your personal info on application form on our site - The information consists of relevant details of applicants including name, passport number, arrival date, type of payment. Shortly after two to three business days, you will receive a VOA Vietnam letter of approval which is the among the most crucial documents for acquiring the Vietnam visa stamp at one of the international airports in Vietnam.

Convenient, fast, inexpensive plus secure are the four major features of this visa-obtaining method. Furthermore, you can also save a lot of time because you do not need to deliver your passport or wait at the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam to get the confirmation. Clearly, with on arrival visa for Vietnam, you can reduce the chances of losing your crucial files.

Moreover, the Vietnam visa service fee is addressed on the website without any hidden charge or extra fee. In some urgent cases, inhabitants of Vatican can request for a Vietnam VOA approval letter which only lasts from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

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