Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Venezuelan Citizens Is Now Available For People Intending To Visit Vietnam

Venezuela and Vietnam formally recognized diplomatic relations in December 1989. Citizens of both nations have helped each other to enhance bilateral associations for a long time. The opening of a Vietnam Embassy in Caracas in 2005 is one of the important advance in the relation between two country. This action is a big step in assisting Venezuelan in getting Vietnam visa for Venezuela and increasing the number of tourists coming to Vietnam.

Get a Vietnam visa at the embassy in Venezuela

If you want to apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela, you are required to present your passport and relevant documents to the embassy. This step is a little inconvenient for those living far away from the embassy as they may have to visit this place more than once to complete all needed procedures. In this case, you can choose to send those required documents by post, but it can lead to some unwanted situations in delivering process. Getting Vietnam visa Venezuela embassy also takes applicants plenty of time for processing. Moreover, service fees for getting a Vietnam visa for Venezuela are different from each nation.

Nevertheless, benefit of applying for a visa at Vietnam Embassy is that you can have a visa already stamped onto your passport before boarding the plane. You can also directly handle with the Embassy of Vietnam in your country.

The introduction of visa on arrival in Vietnam

In an effort to attract more investors and visitors from Venezuela to Vietnam, the Vietnamese Government authorized a regulation that allows Venezuelan citizens to obtain Vietnam visa using another visa system called Vietnam visa on arrival. Today, apart from the conventional method that is acquiring visa at the Embassy of Vietnam, Venezuelans may choose to make an application for a Vietnam on arrival visa (VOA Vietnam) by hiring a travel agency in Vietnam such as Greenvisa company.

Vietnam visa on arrival was initially designed to support the people who reside far away from the Vietnam Embassy or in any nation without the embassy to obtain visa easily. This is the very best choice for Venezuelan inhabitants who want to avoid following a lengthy and dull procedure of getting a visa at Vietnam Embassy. With our support, you only have to fill out a web-based application form and pay the fee for your visa to be processed.

Based on the Law on foreigners' entry, exit, transit and residence in Vietnam No. 47/2014/QH13, VOA Vietnamese can be issued by a travel company in Vietnam only. The embassy cannot issue for this kind of visa. As a result, Venezuelan citizens are recommended to select a prestigious company which is able to manage the whole process with the Immigration authorities to get Vietnam visa for you.

To be able to obtain a visa on arrival Vietnam, the very first thing you must do is to complete a Vietnam visa on arrival form on the Internet and then choose the visa option you wish to possess. You should bear in mind that it is vitally important for you to enter your information precisely since any adjustment after you submit the form will definitely cost you money.

When paying the service fee, you will receive confirmation though your e-mail. After that, you need to wait us for about two days to process your approval letter. Once the progress is completely done, we will scan your approval letter and send it to your provided e-mail. Moreover, you can check if there is any error on the letter as you can see it directly on your phone. Lastly, once you get to one of the four airports in Vietnam, you will need to present this document in paper. Also, you have to prepare some items relating to the visa stamping charge and two colored pictures that have passport size.

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