Another Method Of Getting Vietnam Visa: Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Welsh Citizens

At this time there are two choices for Welsh residents and foreigners currently residing in this country to acquire Vietnam visa Wales to travel to the country: apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam Embassy visa.

Apply for a visa for Vietnam at the embassy

The very first option is to follow the procedure of obtaining a visa at the Vietnam Embassy. However, there is no Embassy of Vietnam in Wales at present. Therefore, Welsh passport holders will have to apply Vietnam visa online or go to the closest Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries for the help.

If the reason above does not stop you from choosing this method, then you should acknowledge what advantages you can benefit from it. Welsh inhabitants can obtain a visa directly at the embassy before boarding the airplane and traveling to Vietnam. It is actually the best way for people who intend to enter the country because it enables tourists to travel to Vietnam by all methods of transport.

Nevertheless, Welsh visitors are suggested to initially contact the Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries to fully understand its guidelines, policies, charges, and process of getting a visa in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Sometimes, the Embassy of Vietnam may request more relevant documents or interview the candidate. The embassy will have the ability to delay or extend the visa application if the travelers cannot make it to the interview. In case the embassy rejects the visa request, Welsh applicants cannot make a visa application to Vietnam using the same prior purpose within half a year. Additionally, Welsh passport holders will not be told the reason behind the denial of the Vietnam Embassy. All of these facets has resulted in the presence of a new way of obtaining Vietnam visa called visa on arrival in Vietnam.

Get an on arrival visa Vietnam

On arrival visa for Vietnam is made for those people who are not living near the Embassy of Vietnam or in nations that do not have Vietnam Embassy, such as Wales. This method of acquiring Vietnam visa might help Welsh people avoid spending too much time on going to the Vietnam Embassy in other nations. You can apply for a visa to Vietnam with ease as long as you have an internet connection.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival -  Another Method Of Getting Vietnam Visa: Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Welsh Citizens

When deciding to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, you can have a lot of benefits. The very first benefit is that you do not have to deliver your passport towards the embassy, which means you can get rid of the possibility of losing your essential documents in addition to the passport. Furthermore, you will find this method very convenient because you do not have to travel to the Embassy of Vietnam in other countries anymore. What you need to do is just simply fill out a web-based application form and employ a prestigious travel company such as Greenvisa LTC to handle everything.

However, visa on arrival also has its disadvantages. One of the drawbacks is that you are not able to get a visa on arrival to Vietnam on their own, the whole procedure must be done by an organization or an authorized travel company in Vietnam. Furthermore, to be able to acquire visa stamp, Welsh citizens may have to wait for a long time at the Visa landing counter at the airport in Vietnam.

It is clear that each way of obtaining a visa to Vietnam has its pros and cons. Therefore, deciding which method is more convenient for visitors will depend on your decision after careful consideration. You can visit to find out more about which way of getting a visa Vietnam you need to request.

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